LS Touch Probe - Inconsistent Probing (Looking For Answers)

As an early(ish) adopter of the MR1, I’ve been a bit of a cheerleader on the machine’s capabilities. It is a nice piece of kit, but this touch probe issue has cost me almost $1000 worth of wasted material on a job I’m now going to have to forfeit and ruin a relationship, and I’m left still chasing my tail.

Probing off of a machined bore on an OP 2 flip part - has resulted in completely random variations in touch sensing. The probe has been opened up and closed, the three bottom flathead screwdriver nuts have been snugged, loosened, resnugged, the ball bearing plate has been cleaned and potential for any chips to get caught removed, the runout on the probe tip has been brought to within 0.0002"+/-. The collet, nut, touch sensor, and spindle shaft have been witness marked and aligned to eliminate any potential for additional runout and consistency. I’ve done everything that I possibly can think of - and have read from both the Facebook group and forums. This probe inconsistency problem continues.

Yes… I’ve turned it off and on again. Yes… I’ve rehomed. Yes… the stock is seated flat in the vice. Ive isolated the problem all the way top > down and have concluded that the issue is somewhere in the probe - and its not on the mechanical side of the probe (runout, loose bits, electronic contacts, chips under ball bearing, etc).

This may have been an issue thats been lingering for a long time - as really the vast majority of my operations have not required me to precisely probe off of a machined feature - mostly just tophat removal on Op2, etc.

The long and short of it is: I’ve resorted to using an edge finder for XY zeroing. Which has been likened to an ape using a club by my machining mentor. Its really only accurate to within 0.001", but thats worlds better and more consistent than the result I’ve been getting with the probe. Until the mini haimer shows up.

So like. Whats the deal? Perhaps its something I’ve missed… But I really… REALLY dont think so.

Also. Please do not use this post as a “pile on” for other users experiencing troubles with their probes. This is more of a request for Langmuir to offer formal explanation as towards whats going on with their probes, and we as a community/manufacturer can discuss expectations/resolutions regarding this matter in a respectful, helpful, logical, and insightful way.


This post should be a guide for everyone as to how you ask for help. Me included.

Very impressive!


It took me three to get one that worked. I even bought an aftermarket probe but couldn’t get it to work. I asked for help wiring it but got no response from Langmuir. Now you know I’m a cheerleader for Langmuir. The quality of this probe is terrible. If you ever had one apart, I can’t figure out why they are using a #14 wire to connect the probe rocker to the board. It is so short, that it definitely impedes its function. It looks like a simple wiring project for an aftermarket high-quality version. It crashed CutControl when I tried to use it. Hopefully, they will address this soon. As I said I do have one that works for now.


I have had the exact same issues, i ended up changing out the horrible little extra stipple grub screws for thumb screws but eventually I purchased a smaller center finder to use with the machine. I agree the the short thick wire does seem like a bad idea. Id really love to get a nice touch probe working in the machine