Lincoln Tomahawk 625 Raw Voltage Question

I’ve been getting along without having THC and finally decided to upgrade. I understand that raw voltage needs to be used because I do not have a CNC port. Based on the wiring diagram for my cutter, I think the red wire is supposed to go to J27 and the black wire to J8 or J29 (leaning towards J29). Does that seem correct?

Thanks ahead of time.

RAW VOLTAGE.pdf (816.2 KB)

J27 (RED port on VIM) and J28 (Black port on VIM).

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@Sticks How did you determine these connections?

You may be incorrect.

J28 (Red PIN5-6); wire is typical red for the pilot arc circuit and white is usual the electrode.
The pilot arc circuit is a positive connection the same as the work clamp.

@phil240 I would take I close look at your torch connection and maybe post some pictures here.

I believe you are leaning the correct direction

J27(white as listed in diagram) is the work clamp, the positive side of the circuit Connect to the Red port on the VIM :red_circle:

J29(white as listed in diagram) is the electrode, the negative side of the circuit. Connect to the Black port on the VIM :black_circle:

  • also note how no PIN # is listed because it is likely the center connection of the torch connnector.

J8 (Black PIN1) J7-J9 (Grey PIN3 * grey is sometimes blue in different versions of the 625 manual ) J10 (Brown PIN9) are your Trigger and the “parts in place” circuit also known as a cap switch.

But please post some pictures of the internals and this is obviously at your own risk.
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The attached pdf is the wiring diagram. Im at work so can’t take apart the machine it’s home. I was between j8 runs to pin 1 on torch and is a black wire or j29 is a white wire and runs to a - on the torch no pin number.

Was fairly positive about j27, also a white wire, being the positive.

I attached the wire diagram again.

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Seemed intuitive.

J27 - Positive twist mate connector

Work Clamp

J28 has multiple leads going into the torch connector (typically the main power legs on the torch) - thus negative.

Volt meter when making a cut will be the tell.

There is a negative notation where j29 goes and j28 splits into pins 5 and 6 of the torch. There is also j8 solid connection with no split that goes to pin 1 of the torch.

So basically we are all in agreement that j27 is the positive and just need to figure out the negative when I open up the machine.

Because somewhere, someone did this…

Do not exceed output current and duty cycle rating of
machine. Do not use the TOMAHAWK™ 625 for pipe
> thawing.

Sorry, read the manual hoping one of us missed it (THC or CNC consideratoins…)

Hey. Phil. What was resolution to this? Were you able to get it running?

Also. Are you able to swap out machine torch for hand torch for hand cutting? Or is does this render the cutter a machine-torch only?

Thanks and I’m incredibly happy to have found this thread right away, and pretty current.

Looking at getting the Crossfire Pro with ATHC.

J27 and j29 both white wires.

I didn’t purchase the machine torch, I only have the hand torch.

So how did you wire up the pigtail exactly?

J27 to red

J29 to black

@TinWhisperer was correct

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