Limit Switches?

I went back to see if I can find a thread at least a recent one regarding limit switches for the Pro. I couldn’t find any all I found was people complaining that Langmuir decided to move away from Mach3 and their new system did not support Limit switches the way the Mach3 did. That being said the XR table has limit switches and its running FireControl. Since that’s the case, can those who have the pro table run limit switches now??
Am I missing something, or is my assumption completely off…


I’m pretty sure I saw Langmuir saying on this forum once the XR release is rolling along they’ll be releasing a limit switch upgrade kit for the Pro.

Here’s a snip from their FireControl updates:
Support for Limit Switches - Add Limit Switches (when available from Langmuir Systems) to your machine to enable Machine Coordinates, Homing, Machine Visualizer View, and Hard/Soft Limits. Will also require CrossFire Gen2 Controller firmware update”

But I also saw something else just can’t find it

Oh I found it, post from September:

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When was that posted, and thank you for your response

September of this year and the most recent firecontrol release is the one that came with the functionality of it

When the x-y limit switches for the pro shows up, will buy one (pro 4x3 Gen2 machine) immediately. Thank you!

I installed a estop . That helped the limit switch thing !!!

Please expand

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Yes, please explain. Thx :nut_and_bolt: