Lifted up the table

So with a help of some good people on this forum I asked what they thought would be a good height for the table. With that information I sat out to build a cart with shelfs that would drop the LS-Pro right into it. I’m still working on a few other upgrades but this one I think was worth sharing.


ok - just wanna say - that’s awesome! :metal::+1:


Nice work but I truly am in envy of your shop…wow!!!


Pretty cool but I looked right through the table on the 2nd picture. Pretty damn fine shop. Do you do surgerys in your spare time? Wait I think that one wrench is 1 mm out of alignment!

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Thats the cleanest and most organized shop I have ever seen :+1:

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I’ll be honest, I thought it was a kitchen at first look!

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Tell us about the cable holders, looks professional, where does one get the flexible cable wrap?
Nice job on rack, I made one but only 1 level, I like the height better than stock

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It’s just 1.5" aluminum angle bolted down using some spacers, I got the cable track on amazon, just be sure to get the track that opens up. It depends on how many cables you are going to run through it because it’s sized for height and width. It usually comes in 3 meter length pieces and you can couple them together and also take them apart to size them for what length you need.


So I noticed you don’t have your torch main lead wire ran yet, will it go in flexible wrap also? Or will it still be overhead off angle pipe included w Langmuir table?

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It will use an overhead support kind of like the langmuir pole design but better, waiting on some parts to build it.
I’ll post it up once I’ve completed the modification.

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WOW. Your shop is Awesome!

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I really think your shop is amazing…I almost think the picture is better without the Crossfire in the way…hahahahaha…

did I say I like your shop?

Thanks for the shop compliments, it took me 40 years before I was able to get one and another couple of years to put it together.
I was thinking of posting up how it all came together and sharing some of the tips and tricks used to organize it.


Please do…shop ideas will help us all…but it might get us killed also if our wives find out…

Looks good. So what height did you end up making it? And how do you like it at that height?

It’s currently at 38" to the top of the water tray, the way I made the legs of the cart are such that I can add or take height away but picking the table up off the cart removing the 2x2x6" square tube spacers inside the legs and cutting the spacers down to drop the table or adding longer spacers to raise it up. I have the original CrossFire and I am always bending over to something with it I’m hoping this will eliminate some of that for this old man.

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Ya I like that. Thanks

Nice Job on the “lift”.

Also, complements on your work shop.
We all would like to see your plans for the layout and execution.
I am sure you took a lot of pictures of the build out.

One last thing.
Don’t forget to add the touch screen, arm, and micro computer.

That’s pretty close to the setup that’s going on it, same monitor, and mini-pc, glad to see someone is already using that combination. I have a BeeLink mini on my motorcycle ECU tuner and it works great.

A picture outside the shop, sun was finally out to take the pic, my wife pay’s half the bills and she said that when we built the house the shop had to match, oh well at least I got my shop.