Leg kit threads

Does the leg kit come threaded for M12?

The inserts for the legs are M10.

Shoot, I was hoping they would be M12. Thanks for responding.

My foggy mind is seeing an image…
That image shows that, somewhere on this forum, someone found some transition bolts that converted 12mm to 10mm or vice versa. In any case, it DID have to do with casters so… if you want to go snipe hunting, here’s your chance!



Alas, 8x10mm. The effects of a foggy mind. Still, they might have others.
Thanks for the link!

I’m just going to drill it out and tap it for M12.

The legs came with M10 nuts tacked on at two sides of the nut. It was easy to grind the welds off and remove the nut. I welded on M12 nuts that came with my casters.



Well that’s a nifty caster. Where’d you pick that up?

These are the same ones on my pro table. Got them here. https://www.mcmaster.com/2445T61/

Block arrived today! All holes were perfect and I did not have to ream a single hole.


The real question is how do you like that crystal 2.0 in the background lol?
I bought one of those a few years ago and I’ve never gone back. When I put my old helmet on which also wasn’t a cheap helmet it feels like I’m locked in a dungeon.

Yes, I love it. Visibility is so clear and no more green light. Feels like I’m welding without a helmet and the lights are just dimmed.

Well worth the money especially if you weld often and even better if you ever tig.

crap…over $650 cdn…wow…

is it the PAPR unit you have?
that is over $1,000 cdn…

I have the non PAPR.

Yeah I think I paid $550 from praxair when I got mine and no PAPR can’t stand those things.

Mine too. After seeing what other folks reported I was ready for some finish work but my table’s holes are all good too. Glad I wasn’t the only one.

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I was worried but very relieved after finding all the holes are good and no casting defects.

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Not sure if 3/8" adjustment per wheel will be enough to level out the slope in my garage floor. I’m definitely going to keep those in mind though for other projects.