Adjustable casters

With the help from one of the members on this site I got my casters and the step studs purchased, installed and adjusted.
Here are a couple pictures.


I bought the same casters for mine, were the studs that came with the casters the same size as the CF inserts?

No I bought step studs to make the transition 8mmx10mm from Apple Tree Auto.
I did buy the less rated casters which are more then the table will weigh for what I cut. My shop has a smooth cement floor as well.

Looks great. very well built and look cool too!

do you have a link for the step studs?

found them, thank you!!

I want to do exactly this. Do you have a link for the hose exact casters so I dont mis order. Thanks!

It does look very much like this one

I’ve bought the happy buy casters 2x now and they’re great.

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Are they the same as the ones i linked? Just want to make sure I get the right stuff. Thanks

They should be. The ones I purchased are a china knockoff. Been holding up my 800lb mill just fine. Just be sure to get the correct ones you want, (stem type or plate type)

Hahah yeah that’s what i wanted to check, if the one I linked is right. Or if someone had the right one if they could link it .