Langmuir Systems Could We Get You To Offer This Simple Kit To Expand Table to 4x4?

4 longer rails, 2 longer lead screws and a larger water tray is all that is needed to change from standard Crossfire Pro. The rest is off the self parts. @langmuir-daniel @langmuir-reilly


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@MechanicJon Thank you for sharing the idea! I appreciate it and agree a 4x4 PRO would be super useful. PRO expansion hasn’t been on our list of things to work on. However, we just added two new engineers to the team here, once they are up to speed we could evaluate doing something like this. I know we are slow to market with new ideas, but we have some really great things coming soon.



Along the same lines as this, maybe consider making the crossfire xl kit so it expands the y to 49 in of usable space instead if the odd 33 inch. With this you’d have a machine thats capable of cutting a full 1/4 sheet at 24 x 48. Its also the perfect in between size between the crossfire and the crossfire pro.

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To cut down on cost of shipping larger water pan, it could be made up of 3 pieces instead of 2. Turn seam to match the x axis instead of the y axis like it is now.

I have thought about expanding the cut area of my pro on more than one occasion. One way to reduce the cost of an expansion kit would be to split the existing water tray and rotate it 90 degrees so all that is needed is a new center section of water tray that the existing halves can be bolted to. I thought about a way to extend the table without changing anything on the main table frame. It could be done by using L shaped stanchion plates that would allow for longer gantry rails.

I thought about that also. But you’d need something to support the water tray on the edges. Also i’d be worried about loading a heavy piece of metal and table tipping without additional legs. If you added the crossbar and additional legs the only thing would save on is the longer lower Y axis frame pieces.
I’m collecting the pieces to go ahead and do it myself. I’ve got the 4 pieces in stainless for the longer rails already. A machinest buddy is going to drill the necessary holes on his bridge port mill. I just have to pull a top rail off so he can match the holes needed. Since I welded my pan togeather I’ll have to make a whole new pan up.

I actually made a new water tray for my table last month and I decided to get away from a metallic water tray. I built a new water table using a combination of carbon fiber and aramid fiber and it is all one piece with integrated drainage channels that channels everything to a central drain. I haven’t installed the tray yet due to lack of time. It is autoclave cured with ultra high temp resin. While I was at it I built a carbon fiber water tank for underneath the table and I came up with a really clean carbon fiber cover for the z axis and torch. I haven’t priced stainless steel in a long time so I have no clue what it would cost to make a new stainless water tray.

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Make sure you post pictures of all this stuff. It helps brew ideas on other stuff people may be thinking of doing!

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Sounds like a great addition to this thread:

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What temp rating does the resin have?
16g 5x10 sheet of 304L stainless is $615.00 in Arizona
5x10 sheet of 316L is $822.00

That’s for one sheet if you buy 10 or more the price gets cut by 2/3rds.