Langmuir help pls I am confused about CAM!

I am a little confused so I apologize but is it suggested I cannot use the MR1 without purchasing a $3K Mastercam license or pay $400 a year for Fusion 360? I don’t even see a postprocessor for Sheetcam that you sell?

As far as I know sheetcam is not an option for the MR1.
And Yes you will need a cad program like Fusion 360… There are more options like MasterCam and SolidWorks etc.
$ 495 Fusion is a good deal compared to the others.

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Hi Bigdaddy,
I could have confused you a little on my post. I have several higher end Cad packages that are a lot more capable than Fusion such as Rhino or Ansys and I have 2-3 Cam packages like Madcam but I need a post processor to input into them and I really dont feel I should have to purchase Mastercam for a ton of money when I already have these. Hope that makes more sense.

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Ok I get it. I would email Michael or Daniel for an answer to that question. Good to have another CAD guru around here.

A general post processor might work, If you are familiar at all you can start with a general and modify bits of it if needed, theres pretty good info on it on the web.

I believe you would be correct VGT except I need to know what “general” fits close enough to Langmuir machine so I can load that library. I am hoping Langmuir chips in here

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On my other mill (granted, I’m using fusion) I just selected the “Generic 3 axis” and selected options for xy motion (xy table, or gantry) and such, and it worked just fine. Just tweaked it from there. Many people run generic (chinese) machines that don’t have specific post processors in any software, it’s not too difficult once you dig in to it.

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Hi miroarms,
You could be correct but there is a possibility you could be wrong as well and that 1 wrong move could make a guy have a bad day quickly:). I am not smart enough to look at the file and tell what is or isnt the right thing. I also need to understand where I could get that generic file to load. I use a software called Aspire and in that software it has tons of post processors you can choose from but unfortunately its not in Madcam.
Surely Langmuir has a post processing file for cut control that can be downloaded to insert into the Cam library.

People run generic machines on all sorts of software every day. A post processor only needs basic things about your machine to work properly. I get that you’re nervous, we all were the first time, that’s why you “cut air” to make sure things are happening properly, then make adjustments. It’s simply not realistic to expect langmuir to release post processors for every single software package available.


I am not sure I am asking them to release post processors for every CAM package but they should be able to release the basics that you are referring to? Where is it that I would get this Generic post processor file or are you saying I need to program these numbers in myself so the software can generate the gcode? Most CAM software want a file downloaded. There are no fields to tell the software the bed is X" x Y" x Z". All the CAM software that I am aware of looks for a basic text files to be downloaded to calculate the code. Langmuir has a file for the XR plasma to import into Sheetcam so why would they not have a generic file to import into other CAM software for the MR1? I would think this would be a must have basic ask.

You’re asking for posts for your software, somebody else wants one for their software, somebody else for their software. I used a mach3 generic post to start with for my software and I’m not using mach3, then after learning more, I used a more generic post, and created my own. Every manufacturer leans towards the chosen software packages they know and have resources to work with, and generally, it’s up to the users to come up with the rest. The post editor in your software will allow you to edit parameters as necessary. It’s not as hard as you think.


Like I said in my title I am a little confused but I think that is my point. I am not using Mach I am using cut control that Langmuir developed and should have a basic post for their own machine. I could be wrong but Mach/Newfangled went to the CNC manufactures to get the post processors and then included them in their software that’s why they have so many but Mach didn’t develope every CNC manufactures post.
So how did you download the generic file from Mach3?
I am not sure what all is in these files except the basics of machine size, language, etc. so I guess I will also have to learn how to create my own I just think there is an easier way.

Just so I am not traveling down a wrong road and possibly to help teach me and others can you tell me flow for cad/cam/post/simulator?
In my head (could be wrong)
I design a part in cad
I use cam to create code to make the machine cut that part
The post is used in cam to help assist the cam software to tell it?? and to simulate the cutting.
What is post processing defining?? Mcodes etc. for each machine?

I just found the files and used the Mach, 3 axis post. Thanks for your input and hopefully others might learn. Post processing is a little confusing at first but not bad once you understand

Sorry I wasn’t able to get back to you earlier. But great job getting out figured out! It does seem rather daunting at first, but it’s really not that bad for basic machines. The code from the post processor isn’t necessarily very different from machine to machine. In general, it creates code specific to your machine, but the actual moves don’t vary much. With more basic machines the code produced doesn’t vary a whole lot since they don’t support a lot of advanced functions, so it’s relatively safe to start out with code for a similar or generic machine, and tweak it to add things you need.

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No worries. thanks for sticking with me. Never had one this difficult but Rhino is a tough CAD/CAM software. Hoping others will learn.

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They have you to help them now. :grin: I didn’t know rhino had CAM. They use it at work (airplane manufacturer) for organic modeling, but I think that’s it. Last I knew, it was more for rendering, but that was 20 years ago when I was deep in blender.

Madcam is a higher end plug in for Rhino. They also now have a cam called Rhinocam but some say it isn’t as capable as MAD but it is tough to learn. I also use Ansys Spaceclaim which I am fairly decent at but their plugin CAM is Mastercam which is like $4K for the basic and WAY out of my price range. This is why I chose to try and learn Madcam with Rhino. I do a lot of stuff with Vectric Aspire and in the not-so-distant future I am going to see how the cam in it works with this machine as I know it well and it is great to use but I think it is established more for the CNC router type of cam. I just do not want to give up on this Rhino/Madcam set up yet as it is extremely capable for CNC Milling.

Fusion 360 is currently on sale for 30% off ($382 vs. $545) . Sale ends today.
Should I jump on this, or is it likely be “on sale” again in the near future?

I love Fusion. I would. The only people who don’t like it are guys that use other highend progams at work or guys that think they can blindly walk through this without any training.
Dam, I’m on a roll today… :+1::+1::+1: