Is there something better for custom work than Fusion 360?

Okay, every time I design something with over 1000 points Fusion 360 can’t handle it. Is there something that can handle more data? I have no problem using fusion 360 for basic design but in this day and age people seem to like custom work. For instance a custom logo with no stock font can easily be over 2000 points and this software chokes on it even after clearing the cache. Help!

I use sheetcam for all my CAM needs. I’m sure when I started, I just didn’t take the time to learn fusion, so it left me frustrated. I turned to sheetcam and have zero complaints.


That is one of the problems with Fusion…all the nodes are points…like a curve is made of multiple points…where as Inkscape uses mathematical equations to create curves…less nodes.

Now from what I understand about Fusion you can actually clean up the nodes on Fusion…not sure… @TinWhisperer is the person “again” to ask about fusion.

Thanks for all of the responses, I’ll look at possibly cleaning up some of the nodes or going with something different for software. This design for just the Columbia logo was over 2700 nodes.


You imported that Columbia into Fusion 360 as an SVG from some other program? That must be the majority of your extra sketch geometry.
Did you use the text tool in Fusion 360 to design the 1910?


I imported the Columbia with a online converter from bitmap to dxf .

Yes, I used the text function in fusion 360 for the 1910.

Could you post the original bitmap and the dxf that was produced.
I want to explore a different workflow to produce your vector file. I think you could vastly reduce the amount of sketch geometry in that file.

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I will do that tonight.

Here are the files that I used. Not sure what method Fusion360 has for cleaning it up?
PXL_20221002_004601666 (2).dxf (49.9 KB)

Your Columbia bitmap is very pixelated and thats the reason the converter created all those nodes.If this was the only picture i had to use i would load it into inkscape and use the bezier tool to manually trace around the logo.Then save and insert into fusion 360.


@Rustycuts Hey Jeff,

Check this website out… You could create your own new “Columbia” SVG file on the fly here---->

I’ve used some of the generators on this site in the past with good success…

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Or use the canvas feature it fusion 360 which preforms that same function.

here is one method I use for poor quality files

I managed to half the sketch geometry with this method

columbia reduced.dxf (253.0 KB)

What are you running for a computer?

here is a another topic which discusses some strategies to improve your fusion workflow complicated pieces .


I have designed some super complex stuff with Fusion, I’ve never even had a count of “points”

I just export it as a DXF, load it in sheetcam, and off I go.

Why don’t you like the CAM workspace in Fusion?

I find the parametric connection between CAD and CAM very useful in my workflow.


I would like to thank everyone for there help, Inkscape seems to be doing the trick. I will defiantly be donating the their site.


I find sheetcam more intuitive for nesting multiple unrelated parts.

Fusion is severely lacking, especially if I have to cut things that I haven’t designed, so I’m just dealing with a dxf that someone else has sent me.