Crashing, anyone else? (SOLVED)

im working on a fairly busy sketch here, anytime i create and arc fusion locks up, it eventually works through it… anyone else having this issue, am i doing something wrong?
toolbar to left goes black.

Fusion tries to do all the math and take care of all the points and lines and their interactions with each other so there’s a lot of data happening in the sketch environment.

Best practice in Fusion is to move from the sketch environment to the design environment by extruding your sketch as soon as possible then layering new sketches over top of that body to start modifying it.

Trying to do all the sketching in one sketch becomes cumbersome.

Think of it as doing one quick sketch getting what you need out of it and then throwing another piece of paper over top of that sketch sketching a new thing whether that be text or an element and add that to the body and keep moving on and modifying it. This workflow will vastly reduce the amount of computing power needed.

So with your drawing I would do all those background elements extrude that into a body and then start another sketch for the text after.


Check out this video it is a really simplified version of using two sketches to get a final result


yes, i think your right. with every line the program does constraints, diemensions etc, more lines the more math.

Sorry, im still learning how to use the forum. i missed the fusion tab.
such a big help on the svg inport! thank you!!

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