Is anyone running Fusion360 on Windows 7 these days?

The great video series

and the personal licensing information from @TinWhisperer has made me curious enough to take a look at this However, I am NOT ‘upgrading’ my system to Windows 10, 11, or practically anything else until I absolutely have to (and I’m hoping that day never comes).

So, back to the leading question, is anyone successfully running Fusion360 on a Windows 7 platform. FWIW, I would be willing to upgrade my video card, if necessary.

Windows 10 runs better than windows 7 and uses less resources. I upgraded an older HP laptop when I got my table and it seemed to boot and load programs faster.

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When I started out with Fusion 360 I ran it on a Windows 7 laptop and I did the same thing as @SWomack and and upgraded to Windows 10 it performed a lot better. I also bought as much and as large as I can get RAM for that laptop. I find that Fusion is more RAM heavy, than CPU, then GPU.

I still have this laptop hooked up to my crossfire pro but only do very basic Fusion edits on it when I need to.
And I have a pretty serious command center now in the office.

It’s very nice of you to say Tom. I’m going to try very hard to change people’s mind about Fusion 360

Thanks for the reply but the reason Windows 10 boots faster is that all the crap it has to load at boot time is assembled into one monster file when you shut down. The boot code just loads the one monster file and that takes a lot less time than a non-fast boot setup. Next time you do a Windows update, check to see how long it takes to shut down after the update. That’s where the time is spent. Efficient, yes, less resources, hell no!

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I feel you for hating to upgrade. my office computer I use for quoting and invoicing is still running Windows XP and I love it

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Good to know. My system uses a workstation processor and has 32GB of ECC RAM. Will that be enough? :wink:

LOL! Yeah, I WISH I could go back to XP for its performance.

I think the last edition of XP out was 2007 tablet edition

@TinWhisperer In any case, I understand why Autodesk doesn’t want to ‘support’ Windows 7, but the main question is, will it install and run on Windows 7? Your video series makes it ‘accessible’, the additional info on the Personal license cleared up a LOT of misinformation on licensing, so…
If it could run, I’m willing to blow a few days trying it…

I’ve been messing with Freecad, which has a lot of checkboxes checked, but has one fatal flaw - assemblies do not tolerate editing of parts without a lot of stupid rework.

I believe Fusion 360 would run on Windows 7.

But they stopped debugging their software for Windows 7 a long time ago so I can imagine there would be some Gremlins.

There might be just some kids old gaming machine you can buy off of Craigslist for cheap. I would imagine a two or three year old gaming machine wouldn’t be much more than the license for Windows 10 that’s probably already on it.

And just a word to the wise, use a mouse and keyboard when drafting on a computer or your life will be hell.

Trackpad and CAD do not mix

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ANOTHER COMPUTER IN MY OFFICE??? What are you? Nuts???
I won’t/can’t tell you how many I have now!

Besides, I would be hard pressed to find a video switch that switched all of the monitors I have attached to my workstation.

A little , yes

Whoa! Have you been sneaking into my Office!!!??? I’m calling the cops!

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I love FreeCad, but the topology naming issues that are caused when going back to edit something in the design tree are a serious issue that needs to be fixed. I’m considering purchasing Alibre for that reason.

I am running windows 7 . The latest update to fusion killed the kernel used to create toolpath using windows 7. There is a workaround by copying the old kernel and overwriting the new kernel. But Autodesk says this will only work till probably March. "Internal CAM kernel error" when generating a toolpath in Fusion 360 on Windows 7 | Fusion 360 | Autodesk Knowledge Network


Thanks for the update!

If it’s just CAM that’s not a problem for me. I use SheetCam.

If it’s more than that, then this kills any idea of me trying it.

EDIT: THIS is the killer…
"New installs and live updates on Windows 7 and Windows 8 will be blocked by Fusion 360 beginning in late March 2022. "

If anyone’s ever wondering what happened to Windows 9.

7 ate 9.

Your dad joke for the day


Currently everything I use works with the workaround. No telling for how long. I will be updating the laptop. I use. :sob: