Is anyone running Fusion360 on Windows 7 these days?

As Dad jokes go, that has to be one of the best I’ve heard! Especially considering that there is a whole lot of truth in that one!

I’m sure my daughters will appreciate it! :rofl:

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Ok folks, with my hat in hand, I am going to say I REALLY LIKE FUSION 360!

So, inspired by the Manual Man, AKA @TinWhisperer , I decided that I should, at least, TRY Fusion as every other CAD program I’ve used either has a fatal flaw or support has/or will have disappeared.

Does Fusion 360 have flaws? Yes, I know some already.

Are any of them fatal? Haven’t found one yet.

Is it easy to use? (Get this) YES! Amazingly easy once you know the general relationship between things and operations.

Is it the solution to all problems known to man? Dunno, I doubt it. I have not tried CAM and don’t see a need to in the foreseeable future.

I did need to install Windows 10. I took baby steps doing this though. I bought a new HD ($40), bought a cheap Windows 10 Home license key ($35), and installed that fresh. I then installed Fusion 360 with a Hobbyist license, no cost (yet, there’s not supposed to be but I’ve heard it all before…). And then, as progress was made, slowly migrated my other SW & data files to the new setup. It’s pretty much complete at this point.

Here is a simple design I originally did on SketchUp and re-did from scratch using Fusion 360. It’s a poor man’s power feed for my LMS Mini Mill. Took about 3 hours total to complete in Fusion 360 (while learning a bunch of stuff).

Thanks again to TW for his calm persuasion and hand holding…

PS: with Win10 I was able to install the latest driver for my Space Navigator and IT WORKS! I haven’t had a crash yet, knock on my fake wood desk, and it’s very useful for ‘dancing’ around my workspace, not only in Fusion, but SketchUp as well. I had given up on the navigator with my Win7 system.

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Now it’s @toolboy 's turn to switch teams.

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Nah, Fusion 360 is for grownups.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

@tomws truth :facepunch::facepunch::facepunch: