Inkscape trace bitmap? SOLVED

Hey guys, Becky here!
We took some time away from plasma cutting due to other work, had to make some :dollar: to pay for this toy! :grinning:
We have our first paid piece and I’m already stuck! Figures right?!

here’s my issue, when i convert this logo it has way to many nodes. i tried to simplify it and it is distorted. what is the best way to go about it?
would the fastest way be to trace over it?


an image like this with super high contrast ,I’d try

you will end up with a decent SVG.

thank you tin man! i will try it!

ok, can you give me a little more info on what to choose there? i seen a SVGgator. would that be correct?

start here and upload that image

i do not even see that page. this is what i get, am i on the wrong site?

I edited the link . sorry about that.

thanks so much.

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this is what it looks like, not to much difference.
when i take it to inkscape do i need to trace bitmap it?
i tried and nothing happened.

I would then put that SVG into fusion 360.

Maybe a Inkscape Guy can help @toolboy

i got it to bitmap, operator error!

if i take it to fusion what would i need to do from there? is it a detailed process?

You should be able to save that SVG at the size you need in Inkscape and then use Convertio to convert if to a DXF. I’ve found that converting to DXF with Convertio produces a better result than “trace bitmap” in Inkscape.

post your original file and I few of us can take a crack at different methods.

My workflow would be much like this in video 5. besides whatever repair or modification the file requires .

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I almost never use inkscape anymore . algorithms seems to be improving exponentially.

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I’ve been really impressed with the results on some fairly complicated images.

ETA the SVG didn’t load!

this is where i got to, i had to walk away cause i was confused! :grinning:
I think i have it traced in the red with the black JPEG next to it.

I need to add it to the center of the 12x12 cross

I still have some things to fix.

Denver fire MC
Denver fire

Could you post your original image file not the SVG.


this is it


worked on my end ?

this SVG works

Thanks, I would need to remove the inner line on the letters so it would be solid cut out.