Initial Torch height setup

Does the torch have to be set up to a certain height manually via the holder or jogging the z axis when you’re setting up the table for the first time?. like say 1 or 2 inches above the slats or work piece?

This might help:

thanks. my question pertains more to the initial height between the end of the torch and material on first set up…

As long as there is at least 1" of travel from top of sheet to end of Z axis travel, you are good. As IHS will move the torch down until it makes contact, then retract to pierce height, and retract to 1" above top of material for rapids.


cool… thanks!!

so I have been playing around with Torch height…just to clarify some thing for this old man…
torch heaigh for cutting should be .06 of an inch right?
and If I am not mistaken that is almost the same thickness 16 guage plate right?

Thats where I normally cut .055 to .063.
16 gauge plate is 1/16"- .0625

Yeah I was wondering the same thing myself. Got the pro set up. Was used to the smaller table setting the height with the spacers. Does the inch above initially work for the pro?