Mounting Hand Torch

I know this is probably intuitive but if there is a wrong way to do something that is usually how I first do it. I haven’t been able to find any instructions other than “mount your torch”. There are 3 variables at play:

  • Z axis height when mounting the torch
  • The ‘slider’ height (red part that moves up and down with the thumb screw adjustment)
  • Where you place the shaft of the torch in the mount

I have a Hypertherm duramax torch, looks like this:

For my last point above - do I place the collar around the copper end or somewhere on the black shaft?

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Definitely mount it on the black shaft, not the cap. But i have mine around the center of each as you can see in the pics. Dont mind the cover behind it(aka tarp lol)

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Thanks, see I had it around the bottom copper part.