Index Cut with the CrissFire Pro and Fusion 360

Here is my first attempt at an index cut with the CrossFire Pro using Fusion 360.


You might want to add a fence to the table for squaring. It will make squaring your stock faster, just slide the sheet up. I’ve been doing something similar to your 3D printed pointer with an Easyscriber. Anyway nice video.

Fence info:

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Thanks for that video, I will have to index a cut similar to this in the near future. The x45 uses hypertherm consumables ?

Yep! Been using them ever since the beginning with my RW 45. Haven’t really had any issues. Have had some torch out issues but that is a known issue with the RW 45. I am buying a new Hypertherm 45xp so I don’t have to worry about that in the future.

Great video! I have 1 suggestion though, and that would be to cut your holes first after you’ve indexed the sheet. Cutting them last in both cases may lead to holes / interior features being off location if the part moves around once the perimeter is cut.


I like the video! For lead in have you tried making the lead-in radius, and angle 0, and the lead-in distance .01". That has worked for me when parts are close. You can’t use 0 for lead-in distance; the control needs something to use for start. You may have to use half the diameter of the kerf. The left and right offsets normally use half the diameter of the cutter. I am still new to CrossFire and may be all wrong, but have been programming G-code for 25+ years for CNC Machining Centers.