Hypertherm's New powermax is coming! Sept 13 2021

Any ideas of what they have up their sleeve ?

Anyone going to FABTECH 2021?

I would love to go one day.

I just bought a 45xp a few weeks ago. Seeing this today sort of steams my beans.

I wouldn’t worry about it.
45 XP an amazing machine and worth every cent you paid for it. I know how you’re feeling I bought a PowerMax 85 December 2020.

My guess is that instead of having a
PowerMax 65 or an PowerMax 85
They will release a 65 XP and a 85 XP.

Like they did a few years ago when they went from the PowerMax 45 to the 45xp.

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hahahahaaha…never heard this one…hahahahahaa

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why did I pick up a new powermax 65 today :rage: :rage:

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I was told it’s going to have glass like kerfs, but also heard it won’t be available until maybe 2024 due to backlog and shortages???

I spoke with my Messer rep yesterday and he told me they were releasing a new 105

Cool hopefully a single phase one.

That looks seriously over powered for a CrossFire table!

New consumables that when loaded automatically set the machines pressure and amperage.
The data logging.
This is the first article I’ve seen on it besides the actual release couple hours ago.
Comes in in a 65 85 and 105

PowerMax sync


More info

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This is the coolest statement.

“In keeping with Hypertherm’s commitment to offer technology updates to owners of its older plasma systems, Hypertherm engineers have developed an adapter for Duramax® and Duramax Lock torches. This will enable owners of the Powermax45 XP and Powermax65/85/105 to enjoy some benefits of the cartridge consumable platform, such as faster change-outs, easier ordering and inventory tracking, longer life, and improved cut quality.”

If anyone comes across any links or information about this adapter please post them.

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Sounds pretty good! I think you should get a couple of them! Let us know how they work out for ya :slightly_smiling_face:

I wonder what the cost will be if its going to be replacing around $100 bucks worth of parts in a single cartridge.
I’ve changed 100’s or probably 1000’s of electrodes and nozzles but not very many swirl rings,retainers,or sheilds with all the cutting I’ve done.
Also I’ve never been annoyed putting the parts in the torch its a pretty simple process and goes together well.
That being said I’m sure it will be a good product that works well but it will all come down to the final price on the setup.


They’re Fielding a lot of questions like that at
hypertherm s Instagram.


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Does anyone know what the install price of the new 65 is?

Hypertherms responses to those questions aren’t very appealing.

Not made with the same material so wears out faster to match other consumables isn’t the best business motto in my opinion.

When they throw in less waste to justify the price also doesn’t sound great for the end user.

When they’re available I’d like to try them on my Duramax 180 chart torch supposedly there’s some sort of adapter that will allow me to do it.

I do think this is more so for the commercial market and when you just have an operator assigned to a plasma station. Loading the consumable automatically sets up the machine so there’s no mistakes there and it data logs everything, warns the operator when the consumables about to fail. In a large scale production environment I can see this being affordable.

Like you, I myself pay pretty close attention to my consumables and settings so the payoff likely wouldn’t be as great for us.

We’ll have to wait and see what kind of money they’re talking. And their statement of twice the consumable life seems like a stretch but that would be amazing.

I think it would really matter who the end user was whether it would be worth it or not.

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