Hypertherm Powermax 45 handheld torch wiring

I am fairly new to the CNC world. I have worked around/with a lot of burn tables since I am a Sheetmetal worker, but I have never wired one up, nor do I possess a lot of the electrical skills to pretend like I entirely know what is going on. I have reached nearly the end of assembly on my Crossfire pro, but one looming issue that I have been putting off since I began assembling my table is the torch wiring.

I bought a Hypertherm Powermax 45. I bought our table with the torch height controller, but I also have a handheld torch. I have read online that if you have the CPC port, it is plug and play, but if I am understanding it correctly, that is if you have the machine torch? I understand there is a safety mechanism on the handheld torch due to the fact that the torch fires when you lift the little safety switch and then subsequently pull the trigger? I guess I am a little bit nervous to splice into the wires on my plasma cutter for fear of voiding the warranty just in case something goes wrong down the line. I suppose that if something did go wrong, I could wire it back up to the factory settings. Has anyone had to do this? Like I said, I know Sheetmetal, but I am a novice at best when it comes to electronics/electrical stuff. Just wondering what my options are or if I have screwed myself by not forking out the extra $700 for a machine torch.

If your worried about wiring inside the box you can wire the trigger wires inside the torch instead.
For the THC you can get raw arc off the board so no need to cut or tap into any wires inside the machine.

Do you know of any “how to” posts that document how to do this right?

Look at Orange and violet on here.

I’ll see if I can find some pictures of the actual bypass done.


This part of the diagram is the torch. three wires showen above in the torch; violet, orange blue and orange.

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Howdy! New to this cnc plasma world and not confident of wiring up our 45xp with hand torch to this new pro table. So while researching the topic I came across this very old post that seems to verify my thoughts on wiring up the hand held torch. I’m hoping some one envolved might confirm or correct me if wrong. Fire control will require two circuits from the 45 xp, one is the raw voltage which can be tapped from the circuit board (more questions here in a moment.) This circuit will connect to the VIM’s raw voltage connections then using the xxx output connect to Fire control as indicated. The other circuit is the trigger function which can either be tapped from the 45 xp wiring again close to the circuit board, or the torch it’s self and connect to Fire control directly. The trigger function seems straight forward after looking at the internals of the 45 xp. However the raw voltage, as far as I can tell , is sourced from what appears to be a coil on the torch side and the work side I haven’t determined its source as the wiring is obscured by lots of devices. My thought is - hey it’s “raw voltage” simply tap from the lugs at the torch and work exit lugs at the front of the machine. Then I look at what to me is a massive mother of a circuit board and wonder where on that board is an alternate source one might tap. Any way if any one knows and has the time to respond I’d be extremely greatful.

Thanks In Advance!

You definitely can tap into the torch and work lead lugs. I did my 65 I tapped in on curcut board but there is no difference. Just remember torch lead is negative and work lead the clamp is positive. I know that sound backwards but it isn’t.

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Hypertherm has a walkthrough for the raw voltage, here is the link


this forum topic also has some good information

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Hello. So I am trying to get my machine going with the handheld torch… I am trying to figure out exactly how to wire up the bypass so that it will work with the cpc connection. I have everything else connected … just trying to figure out this connection. Do I need to wire in a cap (what size?) or is that already there? Sorry… I am mildly familiar with electronics but am confident if shown a clear picture. Thanks in advance for the help.

Solved my issue:

Using the handheld torch you need to do the following to make it all work:

  1. Zip tie trigger ( or solder in jumper on trigger wires) *this activates the trigger)
  2. Open up the housing on the torch to plasma and move PIN #6 (one of the trigger wires) to the empty slot #8. This will keep the trigger engaged but not tell the plasma that it is.

This made the torch work right away for me. I had to dig around to get both parts of that in the forums… so I figured I’d put it all right here in one spot.


Do you have any pics of the steps you did to make it happen to fire the hand torch?

Here is the original wiring in the handheld torch.

These are the 2 trigger wires.

You will need to move this wire using a depinning tool (round type about 1/8 opening) or get creative with a small straw. Check youtube to see how to remove pins.

Then you will need to either zip tie the trigger to the closed position, or short these two wires together so they are connected. This will “trigger” the machine, but since you moved the pin, the plasma machine will not know to activate the plasma. This will allow the trigger in the table to turn on/off the torch.

Another thing to mention… is check your consumables to make sure you have the right ones for cutting on a cnc machine. The ones supplied with the plasma from hypertherm did not come with the one needed to run on the cnc table properly.

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