Hypertherm Powermax 30xp Torch Wiring

There’s not a lot of information available for wiring the Powermax 30xp for CNC.

Here’s what worked for me. Tap in to the Orange and Violet wires:

To take for cover off, just remove the 2 screws for the handle, gently spread the front and back covers apart, and then the top cover will pull straight up.

Hope this helps!


@Terry This is a great reference thank you for posting!

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Thanks for posting that info. I will be using the same machine.

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Have either of you had much cutting time on the crossfire with the HP30XP? That is the plasma cutter I have but don’t have my table yet, just wondering how it does. Thanks!

with fine cut consumables I’m able to achieve pretty nice cuts.


Very nice, those look great! Getting excited for my table to show up!

Hi. I should be getting my table soon and I also have the 30xp. Could you share some of your settings such as kerf width, height, etc. Basically the settings you use in Fusion specific to the plasma machine.

This is all new to me so knowing some of those would help in my initial learning curve.



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I use sheetcam for all plasma settings. I just went by hypertherm recommended cut speeds.

youre the real hero lol. Thanks for the info

You are a freakin life saver! Thank you!

Does it matter which wire you connect to which?


Either way you connect the wires, it will work.

I have started to receive my plasma pro packages. I have a Hypertherm 45xp but plan on getting a second torch dedicated for the table. I am wondering rather the cheaper 15 degree torch will work just as well as 90 degree or 180 mechanized torch once rewiring mods are done. I do have the CPC in the back of the unit for the 180 but there is about a $250 difference between the 10 degree vs 180 degree torch. I will gladly pay the higher price if it will be worth it but do not know enough about the torch mounting and wiring needs to make an educated call. I’m using table for purely hobbiest purposes.

Thanks for the write up. I just did this to my Hypertherm XP 30.

I got it figured out.

can you provide how you connected your ls-thc thanks

@mrtuntun16 Did you get the answers you need? I just wired mine.

Yes I did, but now I’m having problems with sheetcam. Once I try to open the new files I make it shows the error for not speed found /post processor message on firecontrol… two days ago, it was working excellent but now it isn’t. Can anyone help with this??

Hi Terry. My name is Keith. I also have the Powermax 30 xp. Looking at the image you sent looks supper easy. Are you sure its that easy?

Word of advice, your first photo shows the Work Clamp connected to a slat. You should connect it directly to the material when you’re cutting. The slat connection is not reliable and could produce poor cuts and THC feedback.