Ok got a hypertherm 30xp coming in thur

Need to know what cut rate an speed i need i have tons of 11ga. And need to know what wires i need to tie into thanks

As far as I know all the Hyper therm cutters come with guides for feedrate and Amp settings or its easily found a via their website and internet.
Wiring the cutters To work with the table is documented and in the tutorials online On Langmuirs website .
Also numerous forum members have submitted very thorough tutorials on this forum on how to wire hyper therm cutters
A quick search should get you to the posts with the info. Your looking for.

Yeah just use what is in the manual…The only thing i deviate from the manual is the pierce delay.I usually double what the manual says.

Just to clarify: Hypertherm has 7 systems in its air plasma cutter product line. They start with two 30 amp systems, the Powermax30 air (has a built in air compressor) and the Powermax30XP (requires air from a shop air compressor). The 30XP has a bit more cutting capacity in terms of thickness and cut speed because the plasma power supply does not have to share its power with an internal air compressor as the 30Air does. Both of these systems are designed and recommended for hand held cutting only, so the operators manuals do not come with a detailed section with cut charts for different metals and thicknesses. (That being said, the 30 XP is used on a variety of CNC machines like the Langmuir, especially when most of the cutting jobs stay under 1/4" thickness). Above the 30XP Hypertherm has the Powermax45xp which is available with either a hand held cutting torch or a machine mountable torch for more industrial mechanized use. There also is the Powermax65, 85 105 and 125 systems for heavier faster cutting capability, all designed for higher duty cycle, thickness and speed for larger hand held or mechanized plasma cutting applications. All of the units of 45 amps and larger have machine torches and an easy interface port for interfacing electrically to any cnc plasma cutting machine. So, to interface the Powermax30XP you will need to cut a violet (purple) wire that is found inside the power supply where the torch lead connects. Cut this wire then splice the two “plasma start” wires to the ends, you must also wire tie the hand torch trigger switch closed in order for these connections to work with a Langmuir cnc. In regards to cut charts, you can email me at jim.colt@hypertherm.com and I can email cut charts that were used with an older 30 amp Hypertherm system that can get you real close for setting cut height, amperage, cut speed, etc. with the Powermax30XP. Jim Colt jim.colt@hypertherm.com