Hypertherm CPC connector specs? (solved)

Nevermind. I found the info here: https://forum.langmuirsystems.com/t/ntk-fabworks-table-setup-with-drain-tank-and-hypertherm-wiring-explained/1060
but will leave this post here in case it helps future searchers find it quicker.

Also, here are links to the same parts but at Mouser in case there is a preference:

Anybody have solid information on what the Hypertherm CPC cable end is, i.e. what it’s called, pinout, where to get one (a link would be awesome)?
There’s a picture on the Langmuir store site, but it’s so small you can’t read it and it doesn’t show what kind of connector it is so nothing to go by for finding and purchasing the connector.

I could just buy one, but I have lots of wire here to pick from and likely have just what it needs and I’m experienced making lots of different harnesses for different things, so could make it myself for peanuts plus the cost of the CPC connector end.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

for future ref

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