How to take advantage of the new LS XR plasma table?

Hi everyone,

LS just announced the new XR industrial plasma table on their IG account.
Congratulations to LS on this big step :slight_smile:

After reading, the new feature on XR, I wondered if these features/upgrades will be available to the Pro table?
Also, is LS going to make the upgrade parts available on their website?

Some of these features are (copied for the LS IG account/post):

SOFTWARE: ( My main focus)
FireControl XR with limit switches, homing, automatic gantry squaring, E-Stop, and many new features.

NEW CrossFire XR Motion Control; an industrialized version of the CrossFire Gen2 electronics package
including isolated USB communication for improved noise protection.

Dynamic Rotating Ball Nut system for superior positional accuracy, accelerations, and backlash compared to rack and pinion machines.

•Automatic Torch Height Control Module (ATHC) works with any approved plasma cutter.
•Proprietary Windows 10 Control Computer.
•21.5" 1080P Industrial Touchscreen Control Monitor.
•Drag Chain Cable Management for both X and Y-axis.
•Z-axis Guard featuring Machine Status Indicator LED.
•12 Month Factory Warranty.

LIFETIME SUPPORT: Access to our email support system as well as exclusive access to our engineering team via phone/video
appointments (coming soon).

No pics, no links, no video. It’s all lies!

ya just have to look around…

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All good Sherlock.

Nope. Doing my own work is too hard !
Lies I tell ya.

I’m with ya vinito! Somebody find this information and drive over here to show me. Oh, and bring your own laptop and hotspot, (I’m not letting THIS crowd on my network!) :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I think it’s a great development and i might look at one next year but I’m still having a blast with my pro and can’t justify buying a new table yet. (My bride told me to scrub the Pro down, sell it, and buy the XR anyway)

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Im so glad its a 4x8, if it was smaller if be tempted to sell my pro lol.

I will say ,i wish they would focus more on current products and develop new stuff a bit slower. The pro was first announced what… three years ago? Firecontrol 2.5 years ?

They finally started selling the z axis upgrade for the of crossfire, they still dont have limit switches for the pro, they just seemed to have a stable version of firecontrol.

Dont get me wrong, the new machine looks sweet, with a lot of features that would be to be able add to the pro. Obviously not all of them so there is some differentiation between the two but atleast put out the promised product before they add to their plate.


I have a feeling that they will use the purchasers of the XRto weed out some of the bugs…like we did with the early pro purchasers…
then we will see the options for purchase of the extras offered on the XR available for the PRO


Does it just bed a 4x8 sheet or does the cutting area (x, y) travel 48" x 96"?


Cutting Envelope: 4’ x 8’

Machine Footprint: 5.2’ x 9.0’ (6.6’ x 11.3’ with Mounted Touchscreen)

Frame: 750 lb Industrial Steel Frame with Structural 65 Gallon Water Table

Water Table Depth: 3.4"

Table Surface: Replaceable Steel Slats, 2.4" wide x 1/8" thick

Mechanical Drive System: 1/2" Ball Screw, Driven Rotating Ball Nut System

Cable Management: Dual Drag Chain, X and Y

Motion Accuracy: 0.002” per 12” inches

Step Resolution: 0.0007”

Maximum Cut Speed: 400 IPM

PC Interface: Dedicated Windows 10 Control PC (included) with 21.5" HD Touchscreen
Torch Height Control: Powered Z Axis with Floating Head Torch Mount and Initial Height Sensing. LS-THC Standard

Input Power: 110 AC, 20A

LED Status Indication: Run, Idle, Alarm, Home, Wait, Validate

Oooooh! … Very cool! :rofl: