Crossfire XR it’s here

They just announced on social media of the crossfire XL. It’s a 4x8 machine!!!


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Corrected title to CrossFire XR

Thank you sir. Either fat fingers or autocorrect got me again.

Oh geez. Gotta resist (I think). 6K I could use for my PCNC 440 (or 1100).

What to do…

Does the new motion system have the acme screw stationary and the nut spin around it?

The announcement said ball nut, so, not the same leadscrew. More precise.

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I wish this was out before I bought the crossfire pro, might have to sell the pro and upgrade to the XR.

Think I’m gonna be just happy with my pro. Yea 4x8 cutting area would be nice but I don’t have the extra room nor the business to support the larger price. Once I outgrow the pro then I may upgrade but I’m going to let some others test it out first.


While I am perfectly content with a batch 2 OG table, I am very impressed with how the company has grown and matured. I’ll never have space for a 4x8 size table, but the true professional shop market now has one helluva an option at a price no one can touch.

This should get interesting. Im pretty much dedicated to LM as Iv gotten two crossfires and two pros. Just got my second pro setup (though I make taller stanchion plates and a deeper water table for the one). My biggest issue with this company is lack of communication with new products. They just surprise everyone at the worst time. For example when I bought my second crossfire (still have most of it in box) they announced the PRO, then soon as I get my second PRO they announce the THC upgrade for the crossfire. Then now the XR. I think if we had just a hint of what to expect it would be nice. Im not overly concerned about the XR since having two PRO’s will be faster production for me and I like the smaller footprint for now. But when some of us literally make a living off of these machines, would be nice to not spend money and then upgrades come right after. I plan to convert my two crossfires into a 4x4 PRO at some point. Im sure down the road I’ll get the XR. Its tempting now but I just don’t need an 8ft table right now. I think they should offer this at a 4x4 also. Im glad to see them growing and moving some stuff to Texas.

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Will be placing my order ASAP!

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@directioneast I agree. Just a hint would’ve been nice for some people.

Look like it.

I read a comment on IG someone says (NTK): a cad modles was out a year ago!

Ooooooh! …NICE! :smile:
But I’m saving up to get me a Bridgeport Milling Machine with DRO. :rofl::tumbler_glass:

you are one serious mad scientist!!!
or you will be…IT LIVES!!! LIVES!!!

Hehehe! :rofl:
Right now, looking at this bad-boy. Trying to figure out the shipping! :crazy_face:

Im resisting…I need more important things ,like a Thermal Rifle scope.

Haha that’s what I’m talking about!! I’ve had a pts233 since they were first released and now I have a hogster 35mm on order! Pts image is total crap compared to the hogster.