How to cut straight line with fire control

Hello all,

I have the crossfire pro, with primeweld cut60.

I have been using sheetcam and it’s been working well.

I haven’t figured out how to use the straight line cut in fire control. I’ve only tried once but before I mess up a bunch of metal I figured I would ask.

I’m trying to cut a 4x8 sheet into 4’x12” sections. I’ve been doing it by hand but I’d like to utilize the machine for better cuts.

How do I set up to cut. The time I tried it would stop cutting before it contacted the metal.I set 0,0 off of the part to make sure it didn’t leave a tab.

Probably simple mistake. I’m still pretty new. Thanks in advance!

I have only done it once and was using it to cut a full sheet into thirds.

Understand 48” is right at the limit. I set the torch so the center of the orifice was right at the edge of the material. I set the cut length just shy of the Travel limits. If you haven’t already turn the bolt head so that it is exactly perpendicular to the y axis carriage to give you the maximum travel. I jogged back and forth several times to make sure it would work and then I did the cut and it worked great.

Also I increased the pierce delay slightly. It might have been a suggestion from another thread I searched before making the cut but I can’t find it.

Like I said, I did a search on the forum and that was the procedure I came up with.

There are allot of people on here that are much more qualified and know allot more than me.

If @toolboy , @TomWS , @ds690 or @TinWhisperer or anyone else chimes in with a different procedure I would follow what they say.

Hope this helps.

Let us know how it goes.


It will not be able to part a 48 inch wide sheet of material.

You’ll likely have to finish the cut with the zip cut.

The sheets I’m going to use in my Pro I have cut down at my suppliers into three pieces 32x48.

@JPep modified his machine to part full width sheets.

You could follow along his thread here.