Hooking up CPC cable for Hypertherm 45xp

I have got a new Hypertherm 45xp. I bought the CPC cable. I have the long cable going to torch on/off on the electronics module. the short cable is going to DIV input on VIM module. Where do I plug in the cable from THC port on the electronics module? DIV output? PV output? It’s really hard to find information on the internet for this stuff.


I’m exactly in the same spot with my assembly. I couldn’t and anything explaining where the THC cable connects. I suspect it is DIV output on the VIM but we need to know!


Did you read the directions on Langmuir’s site ? shows how to wire .( LS-Torch height controller guide)

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It’s in the THC instructions, but if you are using divided voltage from the plasma its DIV output from the VIM to the control box. If you are using raw voltage, you would use the PV output from the VIM.

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I figured it out. It was DIV out. Thanks, fellas!

I read the instructions and it says very little detail about the connections using the Plug & Play cable other than a generalized block diagram.
I found more useful details on the P&P cable announcement page where it says the following:

  • Insert the CPC plug into your Hypertherm Plasma Power Supply.
  • Plug the longer cable barrel connector into the CrossFire Electronics Torch On/Off port.
  • If you have an LS-THC unit for your Machine, plug the shorter cable barrel connector into the DIV INPUT on your VIM Module.

Following those steps, the user is left with nothing plugged into the THC barrel connector on the control box. That is where the doubt originates and without that last bit of information, the claim that it is a simple Plug & Play cable is diminished.
If the instructions are not complete, as I suspect, another line could be added saying "Then plug the Output Voltage Cable into the THC barrel connector on the LS control box and the other end to the DIV output on the VIM box, or where ever it goes.
If the directions are correct and complete, add a line saying “When using the Hypertherm Plug & Play cable, the THC barrel connector on the LS-control box won’t be used” To a non genius non electronics guy, it would make a world of difference.
Whatever is accurate, put the detailed instructions in the LS-THC guide where it should be. It is great it’s on the announcement page but why make future users have to hunt around for the pertinent information?


Then the( thc cable plugs into div output) on vim.

Why didn’t you say that in the first place instead of asking if we read the instructions? BTW, that’s a rhetorical question.

hey things get looked past when one is exited and in hurry.

You do, I don’t

One way to know is its always going to be divided arc not raw arc coming out of the cpc port.

ok I connected the plug n play CPC cable to the hypertherm 45 , I connected the short wire on the CPC cable to the DIV input . No place to use the long wire on the CPC cable .
I used the output voltage cable to connect to the torch on/off port on the electronic module to
the DIV Output. hopefully this will work ,I’m going to find out tomorrow.

There should not be any connection between the torch on/off and the VIM box. DIV Output from the VIM should go to the THC input on the control box with the cable supplied with the THC. The longer cable from the CPC should go to the torch on/off on the control box.

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Change everything this morning and double check it. Fired up and tested the THC. Working perfect ! Thanks DS


My first cut. Has 4 bad spots. I’m guessing it has to do with pierce delay. I have it set a 0.6 s

Looks more like lead in/out

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What are you using for toolpaths? Fusion or Sheetcam? I don’t know about Fusion, Sheetcam has a plunge rate setting that is way too slow if you leave it on the default setting and that will increase your pierce delay. It should be set to 50 IPM or above.

.6 sec seems long for a Hypertherm on 14ga. material. Looks like you could increase your cut speed a bit too.

16 Guage steel in Sheetcam
Kerf width 0.053in
Feed rate 225 ipm
pierce delay 0.6 s
Pierce height .073in
plunge rate 114 ipm
cut height 0.0591 in
pause at end of cut 0s
use lead in settings yes
lead in is arc 0.1 in
lead out none

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When I did a test and fired the torch 3 times like it said , it said the pierce delay had to be 0.5 at least of higher

Hypertherm Peirce delay should be book specs +.?? Will very depending on torch and lead,. For 25’ machine torch I add .4 to the pierce delay. So if chart says .1 I use .5,. I then manually edit the first pierce in the gcode to chart specs. This is because hypertherms have a slight delay to clear post flow once it gets signal to fire.