Hooking up CPC cable for Hypertherm 45xp

Also looking at pic. To me it looks like the lead ins are on wrong side of the cut

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Try a shorter pierce delay and see what works. My Everlast works fine with a .2 sec pierce delay.

Make sure you change your plunge rate in Sheetcam. The default setting is something like 3.9 IPM, which is way too slow.

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Book calls for 0.1s Pierce. So I’m set at
0.5s . I think you’re right about editing the gcode. I’m not sure where . I’ll look at the g code and see if I can figure out where to add the 0.4 s

In sheet cam set pierce delay .5,
post your file to create gcode should set all pierces times to .5. then you need to open the cut file with a text editor, I use notepad. Change the first G4 line to P0.1 as the first pierce does not have a delay.


I went back and changed the first g4 to p0.1 also changed from inside NO offset to outside offset . It looks like it should work , I try again tomorrow
Thanks For you help !

Problem solved . Lead in was wrong.