HELP! x axis not tracking correctly

I have a problem with my x axis not tracking correctly on my intricate cuts. it started with noticing slight ovaling in my round holes. so I jumped online to do some research which lead to changing my x axis motor. now I have changed that. as well as subbed everything. adjusted tension on bearing and pretty much everything else I could think of. I just did a dry run on a 30" intricate sign, before staring I zeroed out the machine and did a single pierce on a plate of steel large enough it would not move during the test. when complete with the dry run I returned the machine to work piece zero here where results: first run 3" off on X axis only, second run only 1/2" off. on third run 9" off, does anyone have any idea what could cause the extreme inconsistencies in my X axis? thanks in advanced

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Your motor coupling slipping?? Mark lead screw coupling and motor with a marker or something. Do a couple dry runs then check your marks

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I already did that does not appear to be the issue. I also checked X axis serial port for burnt ends did not see any either.

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Go back and check coupler to lead screw for slippage. Put mark on coupler and lead screw, check for slippage on the Y axis couplers as well!.

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You may want to check the voltage coming to the motors. I will try to find you a link.

Try looking here

I just experienced a very similar issue. Long story short it ended up being the X-axis sero coupling slightly loose and slipping. I cranked down on the coupling, problem solve. I ordered some spare couplings just to have. They’re only $5.00.

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Thanks for the insight I’ll trouble shoot this afternoon hopefully get going again

Hi Mickey, welcome to the Forum!

Even if you’ve already tightened them, there’s a chance the coupler is defective, and not properly gripping the lead screw or the motor shaft.

An easy way to check for motor coupler slippage is to take a sharpie marker and make three dots that are lined up to one another: one dot on the motor coupler, another dot directly next to it on the motor shaft, and another dot directly next to it on the lead screw. If the dots do not stay aligned to one another as the machine jogs, the cause of the issue is definitely related to motor coupler tightness.

If the coupler is continuing to slip after tightening, reach out to and we can get you set up with a replacement!