Help with wiring THC on Hypertherm 30 XP

Can anyone help with wiring the THC to a Hypertherm 30 XP? All the directions for the pro table have been good up to this point. I know it’d be easier to have a machine with a CNC port but this is what I have. I know I need to wire the raw voltage cable with the red and black leads (torch and clamp on the box) to my machine but I’m not sure how and where to connect the wires to. Thanks for looking.

Did you find an answer to your wiring problem? I havew the same setup and at the same spot. Thanks

@rstone start with this topic

Thank you. Will check it out and let you know what happens.

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I need to ask 1 question. What cable goes to the main panel on the Pro machine for torch off - on function? Thanks