Help with My Design

Need some help with my design. I downloaded the blank tree of life from FireShare and added my friends name in it. Now I can’t figure how on earth to cut it without the complete name falling out. I tried to make it touch the bottom line just below the name, but when I select the cut profile it wants to cut out the whole thing. Help would be greatly appreciated.Still new but learning


What I do which I am sure is not the best way, is extrude both the name and the part. Then in fusion I use the combine to create one piece. I have been wanting a better method but so far this works.

If I remember correctly you have to right click and explode the text first. Then you can go in and trim the lines that overlap. When everything turns blue your good to go.

Can you export your DXF or F3D?

@Shakey70 is right you need to extrude this text. Also unlock the green lines with this tool

Green are locked Line

Blue are unlocked Lines

@TrademarkMetalworx is right text must be exploded to become lines. In this case it has been done already

Text = pixelated solid blue

Exploded = Lines Locked= Green stroke outline

Unlocked Lines = Blue stroke outline

Extrude = body = grey 3d form

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Thanks guys, I’ll take a second look at it and post up if successful

no luck what so ever. I deleted the whole thing and started over.

  1. started a new drawing
  2. Inserted the .dxf file (blank tree of life)
  3. made a text box the same size as the blank banner
  4. entered the text, sized it, proper font, and then moved it into the name banner
  5. exploded the text
  6. trimmed everything on the bottom of the banner line where the name crossed over it.
  7. then clicked on th red lock at the top and went around every letter, clicking it to make it turn blue
  8. drug a box around the whole drawing and extruded it using the extrude button with the brown looking folder next to it.
  9. finished the sketch and closed it after saving it.
  10. opened all of my drawings by using the folder box at the very upper left corner and double clicked on the drawing
  11. went from design menu to manufacture menu.
  12. created a set-up by clicking the set-up folder
  13. after doing everything in the set-up I clicked OK
  14. started the 2D profile for cutting
  15. everything was good until I went to the geometry tab
  16. everything was doing as it should until I got to one of the branches. I had to click every line and leaf individually to make a cut path.
  17. finished the rest of the 2D profile in the pallet on the right
  18. went to simulate to see how it was going to cut, it did fine until it got to the area where I had to click every individual line in one of the branch/leaf chain.
  19. got frustrated and deleted everything again.

worked on this one drawing for two hours or more. there has to be an easier way of doing this.

Here is a loom video of how I would complete this design job.

I pre downloaded the
Tree of Life.dxf (430.6 KB)
from fireshare

The lag at 3:15 is fusion 360 taking about 35sec to generate a tool path.
there is no sound you can slow it down here
ls loom slow

here are the file produce from this video

LASHLEY tree sign lf forums.dxf (520.6 KB)


The design and programing part is the largest learning curve.

Draw along with different videos on the internet and it will all come to you in time.

That time was not wasted. I can tell by your step by step list that fusion360 will be a great fit for you.

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@TinWhisperer you are are a blessing sir. Thanks for the videos, you made it look one thousands times more simple than what I was trying to do. Its the little tips and tricks that make it seem so simple and I really appreciate it. I now have a renewed excitement for making designs and starting a small sign business. THANKS

Ryan (blueyoda)