Help putting nsme in file

I need to put FISK in the name spot in top right horse monogram. Having a hard time. I have vynle master pro, inkscape, sheetcam. If someone could hook me up in putting FISK in top right monogram i would owe ya! Or if there is a video showing me how, that would be cool also. I can send DXF file also… Thanks!

Posted dxf and I can revamp that for you.

I use fusion 360 but I’ll just link you back a dxf so that won’t matter.

here is how to do it with fusion 360 for anyone else who may run into this topic in the future

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horseoutdoormonogram.dxf (1.6 MB)

Here is the DXF File TinWhisperer, Thanks so much!

I only need it in the Top Right one. So if you get rid of the other two that would help also.

Monogram X53Gunner Horse Outdoor Reduced.dxf (526.4 KB)

You are Welcome ,
See if this works for you

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Hey TinWhisperer I hope I’m not wearing out my welcome but FISK was supposed to be in the top Right one. Is it possible for you to do that one? I will pay you if need be. Don’t expect freebies. Otherwise Awesome job!

Lol. How did I get left and right mixed up.

I’ll figure it out and send another copy back. Oops

Monogram X53Gunner Horse Outdoor TOP RIGHT LOL.dxf (591.7 KB)

I reduced the nodes by 30% so its a little less heavy.

3614 to 2680 pieces of sketch geometry

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