Hello from Middle Tennessee

I am about to pull the trigger on a Crossfire PRO; however, I worry about my shop environmental conditions. Currently, my shop is in my barn. While I have everything I need for my welding and wood working, I do not have a conditioned work space. The humidity is what worries me the most. Has any one had either of the two models in less than ideal conditions for any length of time? I hope to have a fully conditioned shop finished in a little over a year from now, but that is not a guarantee. Thanks


I’ve got both. In my garage. No heat or cooling. In the winter I cut with the door closed and in the summer I leave it open.

Just get a good dehydrator (powered) or a big dessicant absorber or build a condensing unit (passive and nothing to break). @ctgolfer has pics of his up here. (BTW, his shop isn’t conditioned either. I’d bet lots of us are in that same boat.)


My shop has awsome heat in the summer and the AC is unbeleivable in the winter.

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My biggest concern is condensation from strong temperature changes and weather events like fog. Not knowing what metals are used in its construction, the finish on the metal and how the electronics are sealed plays into it as well. Thanks for the replies. It puts my mind a little more at ease.

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A copper pipe run allows for condensation that’s easy to drain and the air is usually so dry that a dessicant filter or Motorguard will easily take care of any remnants of moisture. You’ll just need a wall space of about 4x6ft for the looping run. It’s passive so nothing to breakdown or need more power for. Refrigerated systems work well too but you’ll need to power it.

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Where you located? I live close to Tim’s Ford Lake. I’ve got a Schulz ADS20 air dryer and a Motorguard filter at the cutter and the filter element is always dry. I’ve got 20’ of black pipe between the compressor and dryer. I can’t believe how well the dryer works since you could take a shower a hose connected directly to the tank.

Dickson county.

I guess I should have been a little more specific. While condensation in the air supply is a concern, it can be controlled in many ways. Thanks for the suggestions for dryer air though. My concern was for condensation on electronic components, drive components or anything else that corrosion would play havoc with.

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I haven’t had an issue with the control box electronics even with big swings in humidity or those times when the water actually condenses on metal surfaces like the big tool cabinets.

For the lead screws make sure you put a little 3-in-1 other light machine oil on them to keep them rust free and running smoothly.

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If you’re concerned about condensation giving you corrosion issues on electronics, I can tell you without hesitation the best thing to use is Corrosion X. I have had WiFi radio modules working outside, near my stream where the inside of the ‘waterproof’ enclosure had half of the circuitry under water - seriously - and it still worked with no corrosion. The stuff is messy as all get out, but man! Does it work well!
I put it on every piece of electronics that’s going into an unconditioned space, and I have dozens out there! I’ve never had a corrosion problem where I’ve properly applied this stuff.

I should add that I’m in ‘Middle’, or as we say in this neighborhood, ‘Central’ North Carolina and, while we probably don’t have Humidity as ‘bad’ as yours (ours is only ‘good’ Humidity), it does tend to produce some occasional condensation :roll_eyes:


Thanks for the reassurance. I’d hate to spend the coin on something with a limited shelf life.

The Corrosion X looks interesting and the pricing didn’t look that bad either. I’m gonna try it out on some stuff that is already in the soup, so to speak.

A little goes a long long way. Also, don’t get drawn into their claim that it’s a ‘spray’ bottle. This stuff doesn’t spray, it clings to itself too well to atomize. What I generally do is squirt a stream into a paper cup and then use an acid brush to literally ‘paint’ it on to the surfaces I want protected. I think my 32 oz bottle has lasted 2 years and it’s still going strong.

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Well, I went ahead a pulled the trigger on a Pro model. Now I have 2 to 3 months to learn Fusion 360 and improve my air dryer setup.

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I have the pro in my shop, no AC where its at and is is really humid here in NC. I have seen light surface rust on the lead screws. I keep them sprayed down with oil and that seems to help.

do yourself a favor and buy sheetcam, it is well worth it.

Hello from West TN. I agree Sheetcam is a lot easier than fusion.

Conditioned ? :rofl:

My Goat Shed build…grab a couple drinks and enjoy…heck need to update thread

Goat shed shop

Waiting to see what winter brings :cold_face:

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Well your Goat Shed Shop is nicer then my barn! Great thread.


Please don’t encourage him!

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