Great video for the Pro

this says a lot of the table…

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Somehow I saw that 19 minutes after it went online, I was the 23rd to watch it.

How does the borg collective feel about his advice to oil the leadscrews?

find the oil a little heavy…but…if you keep the scrwews clean…and the table clean you can pretty well do what you want…

Myself I wipe down all the rails and screws on my machine after each session. Then coat everything with a fine mist of silicone spray lubricant. Sometimes while cutting aluminum I may clean again part way through a session too. I have I couple paint brush for hard to reach areas instead of compressed air which drives chips and dirt deeper into parts.

The reason I ask, is that I’d probably stick to only oils that delrin (what I believe the sprung anti backlash nuts are made from) has an A rating for chemical resistance, and gear/hydraulic oils are a B on resistance. Cleaning with mineral spirits and lubing with mineral oil looks like it might be a safer bet.

Is it going to cut the work life of the nut in half? Unlikely, but mineral oil is cheap too, and should degrade the nut less over time.

His bucket head vac suggestion is great though, I very highly recommend it to everyone that runs fluid in their water table. I belive it was one of his other videos that got me to buy one.

It’s an excellent video, well paced, tightly edited and informative. Really nicely done.

But I think he might want to revisit his Fusion license. Based on his comments he’s probably violating the provisions of the personal license and should check into purchasing a commercial license. Between NTK Performance work & YouTube video monetizing, the personal license probably doesn’t apply.