Fusion360 DXF to Deepnest.io file corruption

I am sometimes having this issue importing a DXF in Deepnest.io

large plate stand issues.dxf (12.4 KB)

It looks intact and I can import and export in fusion360 fine.

but Deepnest.io is not recognizing the outer line as complete.


How do I find the issue and close this outer loop in fusion360?

I think it has something to do with the circles, arcs and lines intersect point but I cannot pin point it yet.

Any thoughts?

That is where the problems are.
v2.dxf (11.7 KB)

If you don’t have it installed in fusion yet get sketch checker.
Sketch Checker | Fusion 360 | Autodesk App Store


Thank you,

I have not installed that plugin… done now.

I did put that DXF V2 into Deepnest.io and it has the same results


So I checked into the deep nest settings

I changed endpoint tolerance from .005 to .5 and worked? for both the file you sent me back and the original.

Very weird!

Thanks again! I’ll start fiquring out this sketch checker app.

Maybe two lines running parallel? but close enough to make a face in fusion360 but not in Deepnest.io at .005 endpoint tolerance.

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Nesting now.

Wish i could pin point the error.

If someone finds it please sheetshot it and post it !

My curiosity is eatting me up.

Sketch checker would’ve shown that. Either way strange I’ve never seen deepnest do that and I can’t see anything else wrong with the sketch besides some of the tolerances being a bit tight.

Tried an endpoint tolerance of .05 on both in Deepnest still will not see it as closed.

Did a few nesting iterations managed to get 25 on a sheet.

Cut and post processed.

IMG_20210328_182818 IMG_20210328_182800


Have you tried to do that by hand? It looks like it’s sub-optimal. If you shift them to the right you could move the one in the middle down and up toward the top. Then you can pull the next 2 rows in and fit one more row’s worth of stands on the sheet. I’d have to play with it, but it just looks like you could do better by hand.


I am still a bit of a Noob with the deepnest setting and could have given it more time to process too.

I told Deepnest it was a 47 x 31 sheet.

Manual arrange may have been the way to go in this case.

I am going to play with the setting in deepnest and let it run over night.

Lets see what happens?

Any setting suggestions?

Up your part rotations and it will tighten up a lot more


Nest mining…

Damn I need a real computer.:woozy_face:

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I agree. I’d go 10 or 15 to start. Those are “wiggly” parts.

I agree more should fit, Ill try another study.

Still only 26 running all night at 8 part rotations.

I up’ed it to 16 parts rotations and I’ll let it grind while I am at work.

The sheet is 47.25 x 31.25 on deep nest this time.

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8 hrs at 16 rotations fit only 24

5 mins at 2 rotations fit 25

Not the results I was suspecting.

I’ll run the 2 rotations study for a couple hours then i’ll post again.

16 rotations end up at 24 pcs

2 rotations end up at 25 pcs

4 rotations end up at 26 pcs

Any other suggestion with the deepnest setting?


Fascinating. If you look at the 2 rotation set, the bottom half are more densely packed than the top half. Might be as simple as direct manipulation of the SVG to remove the spaced out top ones and copy the lower ones up on the top.