Fusion 360 dxf issue

I lost the ability to export files as a dxf.

There is three different methods to export a DXF file from Fusion 360.

Which method is not working for you?

Under file and export

Try to export it from the browser bar on the left hand side of your screen .

find sketches.

right click and there should be a save as dxf option.

No go. Its like they removed the dxf option on the extensions. It will not hi light.

Exporting as DXF is not allowed in the free version. You can “save” the sketch as a DXF from the sketch tree.

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What is the sketch tree? And will that be able to be sent to sheet cam?

It’s the design tree/construction history on the left side of the screen. The list of all the things that you have done with your drawing. Right click on the sketch and select “save as dxf” that should save your sketch as a DXF that you can open in Sheetcam.

I don’t use Fusion, but that is my understanding of how people save their files as DXF in the free version.

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Awesome, thank you so much. I thought fusion was history for me, and i was getting decent at getting around. Im actually scared to continue learning it if they continue to take stuff away. If they would lower the price for a hobbyist i would pay it. Thanks again.

And the hobbyist license still exists you just have to renew it every year.

The hobbyist license besides its limitations can get the job done.

You’re welcome I’m glad it worked for you.

Have you tried using the cam part of fusion 360?

I’ll try to find the link for the license renewal

I think they have Fusion on for 30% off right now which is a pretty good deal I’ve seen it for lower.

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I have not tried the cam for fusion. Still using sheet cam. I may give it a go. I am adding the z upgrade and looking forward to the new fire control. It’s a slow process for me. Thanks again. Great info.

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Here is a series of videos I’m trying to make to help make fusion more approachable for people.

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I will definitely check them out. Thanks for all the advice.

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