Fire Control and/or Fusion 360

I’m not an owner of anything yet. Not sure I want to pay $360/yr for Fusion 360. Is Fire Control sufficient?

I may not even be asking the right question(s). I am computer savvy and understand cad/cam in the design of golf courses in 3D. I’m sure I could learn Fusion, but $360/yr seems a bit steep… maybe not.

You should be able to get a personal license.

It’s renewable every year.

Which program were you using for this it might be able to produce a dxf for you?

Fire control is software that runs the plasma table it is your interface to the plasma table.

Fusion 360 will take care of your Cad and cam

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OK…Firecontrol is only a program that Langmuir uses/developed to actually run the Crossfire table…much like Mach3…it onkly tells the table what to cut.

Fusion360 is a CAD/CAM software…meaning it is a design software (CAD) and then it also can take the design and convert it to g-code…a TAP file…this is the CAM part.

there are many design softwares out there as you may know…

the only other truly supported CAM software is sheetcam…available cheaper through Langmuir…but is is only the CAM part.

I use Inkscape (free software) for 90% of my design work, I also use AutoCAD for the remaining…but I use Sheetcam for my CAM work…and then load the final TAP file into Firecontrol to cut.

So again…firecontrol is the cutting software…

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They’re also seems to be a lot of confusion out there on how to renew a personal license.

There is also several videos on YouTube that walk through the renewal process.

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