Fix for XR Drains

I upload a project to Makerworld it has all the files and information

3.5 in sink basket swaging die set TinWhisperer by fourthstatecnc - MakerWorld

Bot Die 3.5 sink basket swaging tin.step (22.4 KB)
Top Die 3.5 sink basket swaging tin.step (23.2 KB)
washers X2 quarter steel 3.5 sink basket swaging tin.dxf (2.9 KB)
3.5 sink basket swaging dies tinwhisperer v3.f3z (578.1 KB)

Description from maker world post

Wanting a more robust drainage system in my Langmuir XR plasma cutter water table I made a swaging die for a 3.5" kitchen sink basket.

I wanted some nice big drains that sat well below flush. I installed X4 in my XR and i am sure the die could do many more. The metal thickness is about 20ga mild steel.

The dies were designed in Fusion, exported as a step file to Bambu Studio and Printed with 100% infill ABS on a X1C. The backing plates for also design in Fusion and cut on the XR from 1/4 mild steel.

Here is a link to the Langmuir XR for those who don’t know about their Plasma tables.

You will also need

4 Qty ½" x 3" bolts

8 Qty Washer ½" hole 1 ¾" diameter

2 Qty Plasma Cut Washers from ¼" Steel ( DXF file included )

locate hole center
hole saw a 3.5" hole and deburr
assemble swaging die stack into the center of the hole
start to evenly tighten bolts in a star pattern a little at a time till fully engaged
evenly loosen the bolts in a star pattern a little at a time till fully disengaged
clean apply plumbers putty and install strainer basket
I used the Moen PRO FIX M8632 Strainer Basket Assembly.

I may try this with a 3 3/8" hole saw if available

For more information you can check you some of the discuss of the forum.


Thanks Tin for another cool design! Just downloaded it. Cheers.


You are a boss! thank you so much for sharing and the detailed description on how to do the task.

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