Fix for XR Drains

We are weekend warriors so we wanted to drain the water table after each use. Got tired of the OEM drain solution - the word “lame” comes to mind. Wanted flush drains that actually drained all the way and wanted to use standard plumbing for good flow and simple design.

We found these stainless bar sink drains at Lowe’s. About $12 or so.

The drains are a little over 3" in diameter. And have enough depth that we can use some filter media to keep all the ship-wreck rusty steel out of our drain.

To get a flush fit we needed to dimple the sheet metal. I’ve seen a few folks using standard dimple dies and a few using shop-made ones. Those seemed more derived from sheet metal reinforcement vs something specific to this application. Just need a flat recess like what you’d expect on a sink…cuz it’s a sink drain.

Did a little design work in F360 and came up with a dimple die I could machine on our lathe.

Tested hole size on some scrap sheet metal:

And tested out the dimple die:

We hit our dimensions on the first go. Pretty happy with this solution.

More to come: building out the plumbing.


I used the same drains in my pro…but did not dimple them…even without the dimple there is almost zero water…

I must say yours look superb!!

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We used the CNC plasma table to make drain holes for the plasma table (thanks for the idea Schwoeppe’s Shop). Drains are installed.

4 coats of self-etching primer and 1 coat of enamel. Hope it is durable enough.

Now to the plumbing. We’re using standard drains that take a tail fitting. Needed a way to convert to standard PVC piping.

We found this adapter at Lowe’s. Works like a shark bite fitting. Nice o-ring seals. We’re draining into 1 1/2" PVC piping. Should drain plenty fast.

Drain pipe ready to go. And as easy as it was to install, with some fiddling it will come right off as well - likely we’ll have some stuff collect in there over time.

Installed under the table.

Leveled for gravity feed.

Ball valve installed.
We’ll fab up some sort of bracket to hold this end secure. But we’re ready to run a line through the garage air vent into a leach line outside.


I’m assuming rent/borrow out that dimple die to all us XR users when you’re done with it? hint hint

Instead of elbow at the end, another tee, with a screw in plug so you can flush the pipe of crud…“clean out”

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Looks like you’re in Phoenix. I’m in NW Peoria. You are welcome to borrow the dimple die. It is a little hard on the existing paint…we did a little die grinding to remove flakes and then went nuts on primer to seal everything up. Would have preferred a stainless steel pan…oh well.

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Final assembly of our plumbing.

By closing the ball valve we can fill the table. Open the valve and the table drains in about 5 minutes. You can see the leach line - a nice gentle flow that doesn’t erode the soil. We’ll fab up some new covers for the air vent that incorporate a compressed air fitting to feed the pop-up paint booth.

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Looks great. I will be copying this.

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Looks like a nice set up.

What is the reason for folks wanting to drain the water tables?

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  • filter fluid…keeps the maintenance down to a minimum
  • able to clean table and save fluid
  • fun
  • cool factor

As one person mused - the internet will have 22,431 opinions on how to run a CNC plasma water table. But here goes 22,432…I don’t want a bunch of standing water humidifying my shop all week. We do mostly weekend stuff and that doesn’t justify having water sit in the table rusting all the metal all week long…no bueno. Now we could run Sterling or Green or PlasmaFreeze or whatever chemicals. But disposal is a consideration. With our setup we fill, we cut we empty. No muss, no fuss. With some filtration we’re just dumping water out. Fast, easy and simple.



Thanks for the background, makes sense
I am in the other Peoria (IL), where this time of year I have to worry about ice instead of humidity!

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