First Attempt Fine Cut - Help

Powermax 45XP
New fine cut consumables
.090 15-5 stainless
Book settings .08pierce, .02cut, 200ipm
45amp/smart ran at 85volt (vs. 80v book)
Quincy QT-54 2stage, 175psi (125/175)
Derale/separator between pump/tank
1st Regulator 150psi from tank
2nd Regulator/Filter at 100psi
Desiccant beads then Motorgard
Gage at machine drops to 95psi while cutting
Work lead on material

Cut files 120 pierces, 4:45min

I recently installed the limit switches (disabled)

Mixed results throughout the run; see images.

Any thoughts?


Well if that ball of slag was on the bottom of the torch and you’re using smart voltage you you would not be cutting at the correct height.

I use book settings with nominal voltage for my hypertherm when cutting stainless and have fairly decent results.
Here’s a piece of 3/16 I needed to cut a hole in the other day.

But on thinner stuff I do run the fine cut consumables with the book settings and it works out well.

I think your torch height must have gotten confused with that ball of slag.

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Thanks for the quick reply.
How does one prevent the ball of slag?

Truthfully when cutting stainless steel I’ve never ended up with a ball of slag like that before. Sometimes with aluminum.

Here’s a link to the typical kind of 14 gauge stainless cutting I do . This was also just book settings.

When I’m using fine cuts I run unshielded as well.

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As far as air pressure goes I set mine at 120ipm the hypertherm can take up to 135ipm and then it internally regulates anyhow depending on what you have it set for on the front panel.

I don’t think it starts cutting out the arc until under 85 PSI

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The material looked pretty clean. I’ll wipe it down with acetone next time.

Ran the air test was 66. Looks like recommend is 85 at scfh. Don’t know what or how to check flow rate.

Ran it up to 120 psi. Retest was still at 66. This is with fine cut consumable. I suppose the consumable doesn’t have any affect.

You think i should set it to 85?

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On my PowerMax 85 it sets the output pressure of the torch based on the amperage setting. I just make sure that I supply enough air at the inlet.
In my case I feed my hypertherm 120 PSI. I do believe there is one setting in the hypertherm that you can change the pressure based on your torch cable length, there’s a chart in the book.
But it’s set digitally at the controller.

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I checked the beads. Nice and blue.

I believe it was a newbie mistake.
Had laptop plugged in (grounded) and controller on same circuit. Controller has a dedicated outlet but had it plug in elsewhere to jog while rearranging the table setup.

Thank you for your help @TinWhisperer.


When i use fine cut on hot rolled i increase my cut hieght by .02 for a break in period then lower to book settings after several cuts.Im not sure about stainless but its worth a try.

@Heath interesting process. What lead you to do elevated break-in cuts? I suppose it is always a good idea to do some test cuts before committing to cutting good metal and protect the consumables.
I really like the fine cut consumables. I might just use them exclusively.

Tip ups are a pain but managed to get though it and re-cut a couple letters besides.

My nephew is making a cross-over bridge for a Trail Life (similar to Boy Scouts) ceremony.

Tip Ups

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While trouble shooting issues of cuts not going all the way through on my original crossfire fire without a z axis i found videos and posting on different forums that suggested it.I would set my torch slightly higher on my original crossfire and now on my pro i set it for .02 over.I use fine cut for all my artwork.

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Esteban runs our N/C saw at work. He feeds me the worn blades. They are 13 and 15 inch dia. I use them for material on small things life f-bombs.


showing you can slow down your lead-in speed.

You really juyst need to play around with settings for your setup. many factors like plamsa cutter, amp, pierce delay, cut height, thickness of steel and tip come into play. i added a picture of what i run with my hypertherm 45XP with 16 gauge steel and 40 amp setting. i use a pierce delay of 0.6 which everyone is going to say is too much, but it works perfect for me. i suggest going with book settings and dialing up to get things.

another thing to look into is learning how to go cut that one letter by generating from that piece cut line in firecontrol. you could easily go back and recut if something like this happens agin. GL and keep on cutting.