Firecontrol updates

Has there been any firecontrol updates? I havnt checked in a very long time. Im really hoping they will add a feature that will allow you to correct steps over distance so i can do some more upgrading on my machine. Can do it in mach3 but firecontrol has spoiled me lol

what does this mean>

Sorry i tried to use as few words as possible lol.Example, In mach3 i can tell the machine to move 10” and if it actually only moved 9” mach3 will give a correction number for you to input and then all is good. So im really hoping one day firecontrol will has this feature because I want to get rid of the acme screw setup and go with rack and pinion so i can make my machine bigger. I could do it with mach3 but I really like how easy firecontrol is and want to keep it. Hopefully I cleared that up.

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So the answer is no. FireControl is not, at this point, customizable.

I just saw someone on Facebook who extended their table to 50" x 50"…with the same screw type…the only issue they have is they are not cutting fast due to slight whip…but they really only cut 1/4" and up…all done with Firecontrol…

Did they increase the size of the cut they could make or merely extended the table? Maybe Firecontrol doesn’t care about table size? Will it try to run past either end of the lead screw?

Unless you have soft limits enabled via the Limit Switch Kit, there is no functional limit to how far FireControl will allow you jog. If you connect the machine to FireControl via USB, but keep the rest of the electronics powered off, using the manual jog feature in FireControl should allow the coordinate to increase until the DRO runs out of digits.

While we do not provide official support or components for such projects, we fully believe in your right to modify your machine however you see fit!

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So you’ll be including a link to the source code? :wink: :rofl:

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No, but feel free to modify your machine to use Mach3 instead! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m WAAAY ahead of you on that one! :rofl:

Yes it will jog as far as i want. Ive already made my machine bigger in one axis, but thats not the question here. Firecontrol tells the stepper to make 2 revolutions for the torch to move 1” because of the factory leadscrew’s pitch. However, if someone wants to use bigger screws with a different pitch or a different motion setup all together we dont have the ability to tell the stepper motor that 2 revolutions is NOT 1” of travel anymore and in is fact (x)” now so it can then compensate for the difference in travel yet keep the machine running true with the new motion setup. Clear as mud? Also, i said i really enjoy firecontrol and would like to keep using it, but are you sticking your tongue out at me telling me to go back to mach3 instead of yalls product???

That’s pretty heavy handed. There is no business case for them to support your modification, plain and simple. @langmuir-reilly 's comment was directed at me, not you, and my reply was easy because I do have a Mach 3 version.


Agreed, they do not have to support my mods. im asking if there may have been an update to where they might have added this feature. Btw i had a brain fart earlier, its called axis calibration in mach3. I ran mach3 on mine as well b4 i did the thc upgrade and made my y-axis 6’ long. I was really hoping that they added this feature but im not demanding them to lol nor asking for source code. About the tongue thing, no harm no foul, it just looked like that was to me from my perspective lol

Same here.I upgraded to 1/2” screws from Buildyourcnc and luckily the math worked out to be the same as the factory. The screw whip is what im trying to get away from too

My comment was intended as a joke to @TomWS in regards to him asking about the FireControl source code, apologies for any confusion!

I’ll touch base with the software team and inquire about the feature you’re referring to!


No problem, man that would be awesome with that one feature.

It is not firecontrol that does that…the underlying control board does that. In my pro it is GRBL controller. I have done exactly what you want when I set up my 4 axis. I use the X axis for it and to get the rotary spin right, I have to reset the x steps…

So I reset the $100 command to the correct steps/mm.

Enjoy the rabbit hole and before you mess with it — make sure you copy the current parameters that Langmuir has set up for your machine.

I would suggest you download something like “Universal GCode Sender” to play with this some. It will allow an environment similar to what you ask for in that you can send GCode and update GRBL commands from the interface.

Having said all that. I love firecontrol. Not perfect, but does a whole heck of a lot.


Thanks you very much for this! So in the future when i have more questions about this can i DM you? Im not sure how on here without opening a new topic. Thank you again

Either way…but I would prefer the forum as it allows everyone to see the conversation which is handy for the next person through a search.

Ooooh and I will try to help, but I ain’t gonna trouble shoot. Info is one thing…fixing a oops is another :slight_smile: The good news is UGS makes poking around the control board to get the gist fairly straightforward.


So how did u open the controller to edit these numbers? Sorry ive never done this before