FireControl freezing and torch raising

I have been very happy with my machine with very few problems until now. I was running a long program and about half way thru; the screen froze, the machine continued to run the program. The visualizer froze too! Nothing on the screen was working. I held the sheet down because of some warping to save the tip because THC wasn’t working either. After about 3 minutes ( near the end of the program) everything came to life. The problem is that Z raised up about 1" and was still cutting. It went about 4" and came back down and finished the last 15". I know these issues were discussed but I can’t find the threads. It seems there is a resister that needs to be replaced for one reason. Please Help! Thank you1

Check out this link. This is probably the answer you’re looking for.

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I had the same issue as you, and doing the jumper wire mod fixed it

Ok! I watched the video! Heat it on both sides and remove. Then just solder both sides together? I will take a look to see if it is something I can do. It doesn’t sound too hard! I may have to buy a new iron though; I get a little nervous soldering on control boards. I saved the video to my favorites so I can find it again!
Thank you stinker337 and oneupperformance
I may just send it in…

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That is correct. After removing the inductor apply solder across both contacts creating a bridge.

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A fine tip soldering iron would definitely make it easier. I was able to solder mine by just removing the cover. I didn’t disassemble the control box like the video. Either way works, just whichever is easier for you

I am going to go to Menards tomorrow to purchase a new iron… The only one I have has a large tip for soldering large wires. Thanks a-lot guys