FireControl 20.5 Now Available for Download!

After months of hard work by our software team we are pleased to announce the release of our newest version of FireControl 20.5. This version of FireControl is more stable than our previous releases and includes many new features; see the list below for what’s new in the 20.5 release.

As always, we love hearing your feedback so please let us know if you encounter any issues with this 20.5 software and also let us know if there are any new features that you would like to see included in our next release of FireControl.

You can find the latest FireControl software for download by clicking here.

Whats NEW in 20.5

FireControl version 20.5 has a number of bug fixes, user suggested features, and other improvements.

  • NEW ‘Run from Line or Loop’ - Start Programs from anywhere including in the middle of a cut. Highlight a G-Code line in the G-Code viewer and the cut path will show in green on the visualizer above. Then choose to run from ‘Line’ to run from that exact line in the program (with IHS and THC support) or ‘Loop’ to start from the beginning of that entire cut loop.
  • NEW ‘Set Program Origin’ - Set the Zero point of any program, including rotated and scaled! Click the ‘Set Program Origin’ button and 5 origin options will appear in the visualizer at the corners of the extents of the program and at the center of the program. Click on one of these options and the program will be re-created with that origin point.
  • NEW ‘Dry Run’ - Toggle off torch firing, IHS, and THC moves made by the controller to test a program only in X and Y.
  • NEW Firmware Update - Update your Machine and THC firmware directly from FireControl to stay up to date with the latest versions.
  • Support for Autodesk Fusion 360’s October 1, 2020 personal use limitations.
  • Improved Scale and Rotate functionality that can be used with the new Set Program Origin feature.
  • Splash screen to prevent duplicate loading.
  • Bulletin System (you are currently viewing) for improved communication of updates or critical fixes.
  • Improved error handling for graphics support.
  • Bug Fixes and improved stability.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please reach out to



Nice set of new features.

I’ll be back at it tomorrow, probably have 2-4x8 sheets to cut for orders, I’ll see how it goes. Thanks for the continued support and improvements.

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I’m excited. Going to download and cut some stuff right now.

About to run 6 full sheets of material… excited for the update! Will report back with any bugs.

I want to update FireControl to V20.5; what else do I have to update? I have V3.4 for the THC driver, V1.5 for FireControl. I am not computer savvy when it comes to updating and downloading files. I checked the download page and I am not sure of what I have to…

I do not know which post processor I have either

OK. I downloaded and installed the new FireControl(20.5) program. I then did the Update process and it updated the control box to 1.2ls. The THC is still v1.09. I also updated the SheetCam post processor to 1.6 manually.

Is the THC version the latest? Does it automatically update during the Update process if needed?

Thanks for the splash screen.

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You’re all set for now! We are going to release a THC update next in order to display some better error messages related to lost voltage to help customers troubleshoot better. You can update your THC firmware in FC 20.5 just by clicking a button now like you did with your machine firmware.

For now you’re all set good luck!


Just had an issue where my electrode went bad causing my Hypertherm to error out and stop the program. Did a “run from here” command (new system for finding which line you ended on was ok… but would be better if we could click on the image and have it find the line of code, rather than the other way around). I had 16 more parts to cut and 8 parts in, firecontrol just stopped working. Now, I know there have been issues in the past with firecontrol freezing for multiple reasons, but I haven’t had it happen in almost 2 months, so it seems as though something is happening in 20.5 after a “run from here” command to cause this. No error message came up, I just had to close the program and start over. Any thoughts?

I did the update and seems it has fixed most of the freezing issues I have had. I cut two parts without issue that I have NEVER been able to fully cut program before. Seems to be a big help on my machine.

Found updating was very easy also and i struggle with computer operation.


When you use the new “run from here” how does it start cutting? Does it use the original lead in settings albeit at a different place or does it pierce on the cut line and carry on?

I don’t own a windows machine, what do I do?

There’s really only two things that you can do. Borrower someone’s laptop with windows OS to update your CNC box or you’ll have to wait for an update for your Mac system. Also if you can get to a desktop with windows OS you can remove the CNC electronics box from your table and bring it to the desktop and update it that way. The box will get its power thru the USB cable.

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If you do a run from Loop operation it will start from the beginning and use the programmed lead in that you have for that loop. If you cut from a line, it won’t have a lead-in it will just perform an IHS sequence/pierce delay routine right at the start point. The run from line feature is a great way to pick up your cut from anywhere if something were to go wrong.

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well…here we go…
did the update to fire control
seemed to work fine so I uploaded a tap file…and it said it needed the post processor to be updated…
Updated my sheetcam also following the instructions.
then I rebooted the entire system to be safe
took a drawing I have and re-post processed it with sheetcam (1.6)
opened Fire control and loaded the new tap file.
it appeared properly so I turned off THC and clicked Dry Run
went into validating for 15 minutes…went into task manager to end task.

then I tried o re-run Fire Control and this is what I get…

as you can see Fire control is not running…but it is running???

so I have to reboot the whole PC and start over.

I have tried to run fire control and I keep getting freezing of Fire control…and often this happens

any ideas?

When performing a Dry Run if your THC is on you should leave it on. FireControl will toggle it on and off for you. Not sure you toggling it off first is causing the issue (doubtful) but I can test this Monday.

Also if you get that FireControl is still open, you will need to click Processes in Task Manager and kill it from there. This way you dont have to restart your computer.

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I spent most of this afternoon cutting stuff using the new software, it was an absolute pleasure. Hats off the the development team for such excellent work. :fist: :slight_smile:

Please keep the updates coming!




ok…shutting the process down from the Processes tab works.

I am rebooting entire system as I cannot even load new version sheetcam…or old version sheetcam files without fire control freezing