FireControl 20.5 Now Available for Download!

everything worked okay for me today, however the “set program origin” is not functional on Mac OS.

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We were able to reproduce this and will work on a fix.

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I had to launch FireControl within Parallels to perform the firmware update. Bummer to have to buy Parallels but I already owned it.

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Good solution, I didn’t think of that. Borrowed one and got it done anyway :slight_smile:

Excellent, I had the same issue, wasn’t sure if it was an error or just me not understanding the feature.

Set program origin has made me very very happy. I’ve been wanting to start my cuts from the top left since I started sliding whole sheets on the table. THANK YOU!


Did the update tonight. I have to say I love the updated run from here and how it highlights the line. I was cutting a large intricate flag and it was on the last outside loop and I had a bad line of G code. I’m not a code guru. I was able to skip a small leg of the line by scrolling through and finding it in a few seconds. It easily ran the rest of the loop right from where I left off. Thanks!

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The fix posted earlier that I now can’t find worked to remedy the set program origin issue on macos for me. Thanks!

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I personally did not like the new update at all. Run from here needs to stop deleting all the old code. Can’t tell you how many times Iv had to reopen the program to go back to the the line of code I needed. I didn’t find the highlighting portion very helpful so far. Mach 3 was a breeze to find my spot. Much harder with old and new FC. I typically need to use run from here multiple times a day bc of constant 0-30 codes from hypertherm. Also the new feature that pops up when you pause the run is not necessary one single bit. So you gotta close the warning then go and hit resume.

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I stopped using this machine because I could not install limit switches for consistent homing. Have you added limits switches yet or do I still not have the functionality I paid for when I bought your machine that was supposed to run on Mach-3?

I am also having a problem. I downloaded the new post processor I need but what do I do with it after I download it. The instructions are for Fusion 360, I use Inkscape and SheetCam. I did it once but I’m having a senior moment. Could someone walk me thru it please and thank you.

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I keep getting getting a message that day I have an old file and needs converted. Then I convert it and the next message pops up saying it won’t load because there no tool speed. If this helps.

I’ve been cutting since mid may with out limit switches. I never remember Langmuir saying that the pro was supposed to run on Mach 3. Would homing be nice -yes is it necessary-no. If your done using it, list it for sale, there are plenty of people waiting to get a machine. I think the Langmuir team has done an excellent job so far and look forward to the improvements they will continue provide.


@Jsniperjoe The instructions for installing the post processor in Sheetcam are here:

I have a crossfire 2x2 that I bought new June of 2019. I have been using the demo of Mach 3 but am having issues with larger cutting files. Can I use Firecontrol with my machine instead of buying Mach 3?

OK maybe you know this since you showed me the first steps, FireControl opens and loads properly, the G-Code is there but there is no picture in the viewing box and I have it set to view. Just a blank spot. Doesn’t even show me my xy lines like normal. I’m gonna walk away for awhile and come back and keep trying. Maybe you know whats going on. Thanks again

So I ran 20.5 again today. When FC catches a misfire it will auto prompt a restart which is fine and worked well for the few I had today. I did have one where it didn’t catch it (this is an inconsistent thing) and I had to manually do the run from here.

I also noticed this as I stated bf I had a warning box pop up every time I hit pause. That only starts happening after the run is paused for an ext period of time, say 1-2 minutes. So every time I would then pause the run a warning box showed up. Well after restarting FC that issue went away.

Another thing I think should be different is on initial start of program and restart especially, bring the torch up then go down and cycle. Today I was cutting it real close with a warped sheet and slag on a restart, the torch is .06 off the table and I thought was going to hit something as it went over to recut. Not a huge deal but if it did hit a sheet than its wasted time and material. You really have to remember to lift up the torch manually and I don’t even think on the restart I could do that.

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@stuckyservices you can use fire control only if you have the CrossFire Gen2 table. It will not work on the original CrossFire. If you are not sure which one you have I would give it a try and download it anyway. So you have nothing to lose. It’s all free.

I’ve loaded the new Fire Control and the new 1.6 for SheetCam, its all good till I open Fire Control to cut. When I import the file I am not getting a picture or my axis lines in the viewing space above the G Code. I have the button togggled correctly to view it. Is it the SheetCam or the Fire Control that is the problem. I’ve tried all I know to no avail.

Can you share your g-code file here so that we can take a look?