Fire Pit crossfire pro

So i have a fire pit file that is like 12 pieces. Im struggling really hard with fusion and affinity desginer + sheetcam to divide the pieces up correctly as big as i can possibly make them on my pro. Can anybody help me or maybe i can email the files to somone and they can break up the pieces and send it back to me… Im to lost with affinity and sheetcam to do it and fusion will get con fussed and become unresponsive with a file this big i can only do small stuff on fusion whick is to bad because i love the way it works… im also gonna cut the fire pit from 1/8in mild steel thank you i need to take a cad class really bad!!!

Post a file or some content to work with and I can include it in the live stream that I’m doing in about an hour.

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112.dxf (954.6 KB)

Right on see you there.
Feel free to log into the discord server if you want to verbally ask a question during the live stream.

Or you could send a text in the chat here in the Forum, on the twitch stream or on the discord server.

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im not sure how or where or even when to watch this and thank you very much!!!

oh sorry . right here

at about 745 pm pst

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My fusion will just freeze with a file this big.

im also using a everlast 62i with 1.1mm nozzle

Something came up , I’ll get back to your question on the live stream soon .

Post the svg. I’m not sure what you’re trying to do. You can englarge them and drag and drop them around. If you set up affinity to use 96 dpi and inches, when you export it will be the same size in sheetcam as it showed in affinity.

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I posted the dxf i do not have an SVG. I cant maybe save it that way with adobe . Also im not sure what your asking me?

Sorry Im very new to this.

you’re going to have a bunch of left over metal and looking like 4 maybe 5 pieces of 32x48". I would just make one of each panel and just cut it 3 times. then see if you can get all 3 lower pieces on 1 panel with small strips.

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Ok so what im trying to do is make each side piece 2.5ft x 2.5ft. that would be as big as i could make it. It would make it like 3 or 4 crossfire pro sized sheets to make the on firepit. I would be willing to pay someone to design it

do you have a full 4x8ft sheet uncut? or did you have someone cut to 32x48" size?

I have 2 full sheets uncut 1/8in and 2 16g sheets

My biggest issue is that fusion will be unresoonsive if i try to change anything. so id have to use affinity and sheetcam and i know nothing about them… i cant even erase stuff on fusion cuz this file is so big

i’ll go break it down how i would cut it…i’ll post in few minute…might be 3 or 4 DXF files

Thank you so much

its going to be tricky to cut all these little details. Hopefully you have plasma really dialed in. should be ok since 1/8"