Fire Control Froze During A Cut

Fire Control locked up and could not do anything. The green tab still said running but nothing was happening. Can’t clic on any button. Just shows a red Alarm at the bottom. I am running Windows 10, 45XP. I had to end task to get it to open back up, which will lose the zero. Never had that happen before. Iv been running to Pro for over a year, I was in the first batch! I guess Im going to lose a large piece of metal. Im pissed.

CNC 101, always home the machine and reference so you can pick up the origin again. This is doable on the pro even without limit switches for homing. Just move the machine so it comes up against the stops at the lower left, zero, then move to where you want the origin, now note the X,Y (your offsets) and zero.

Are you sure you can’t pick it back up and use the “Run from here” feature?
You should be able to move the torch to a known point from the drawing, then edit the DRO

Load your gcode into:

then click on the first line and use the down arrow to single step through, this will show you the X, Y coordinate. Use that to figure out a spot you can use to get back to known location on your sheet, move the torch there, then edit the dro values.

And so this doesn’t happen again have you performed this modification?

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What firmware and all that are you running, version? Im on 20.6 trial update (most are now using 20.6.1. I haven’t downloaded it bc of issues. I run win10 also. On 20.5 I had FC freeze alot. The worst was during a cut and the plasma would just say running while FC froze.

Yes sucks when it freezes and you force quite bc zero is lost. What I do is reopen it all up, rough zero the machine to your original zero. Then I dry run (no plasma or THC on) to a couple pieces in the sheet. I then move the sheet according to where the torch is running. Its not always 100% perfect but it usually gets your really close. Iv saved tons of parts that way and mine have lots of holes that need to be aligned well.

The homing idea is good too, good practice to get into. Though I cut production so back to back cutting for about 3-6hrs a day, so every little thing to save time helps.


The 20.6 or 20.6.1 has the coordinates now in the viewer which is nice.

Had Firecontrol lock up on me today about 3/4 the way through an good size project 48x36". Was not quite sure what to do, so searched the forums and found this thread. Going forward I will be homing and recording the work home coordinates each time. Not sure if this is a new feature or I just lucked out but when I forced closed the Firecontrol.exe and re-lauched it, I went to the Work coordinates in the top right and it was empty, but I clicked on the Machine coordinates and it had x/y coordinates that looked like what my work home coordinates might have been. Guess what, it was. I jogged everything to get as close as I could and was able to restart and save the piece… Thought I’d share.

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