Fire control exit code 1

i used fire control a couple weeks ago now it loads for about 2 seconds then comes up child process exited with code 1 . what do i do

you must’ve updated your computer recently. it’s been brought up before. do a search for “child process” under the magnifying glass up top.

in fire control

No. on this page. top right hand corner.

This might be helpful if you have not already seen:

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my laptop is at a computer repair shop they had it for a week friday they tried reloading & no luck they are going to reset the computer so ill have to try & reload firecontrol & fusion 360 . i had to have help from langmuire to get fusion loaded and they will have to help me again

If you don’t have a fast internet connection at your location, you might consider doing the reload at a location that does have such service. I have found numerous times that things failed to load at the same time that our streaming services were requiring additional time with numerous gaps in the shows.

I have, at best, 3MB per second. But, even worse, our upload speed is less than 1MB per second. I believe the upload speed could be the culprit with many hand-shakes with the loading and verification of programs.

Good luck to you. :sweat_smile:


I thought you lived next door to Bill Gates. I think, according to him, he invented the Internet. You should have blazingly fast Internet speeds. :wink:


No, that was Al Gore while he was in the Senate. :slight_smile:


In the city limits, most people have a minimum of 10 MB but I was told back in 1986 that “it will be a long time before cable comes to your area, if ever.” Most people have 2.5 acres or more. The density is just not there to justify them to put up the lines. Still to this day: no cable in this area but 1/2 mile away they have cable.

The city limits actually borders our property. We could request to be annexed to the city but they still would not be providing sewer and the cable company could care less.

Just for “fun”, I went to the phone company’s website (where I get the service) to see how they rate the speed. This is pathetic and live as of July 13, 2023 at 5:30 pm!!!

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Ah, I didn’t know you had 19th Century Link! That’s what I have in my Rural area. I understand they use Mules to carry the bits around.


I’m spoiled in Chattanooga with 1 gig. How about Starlink? I understand they have up to 50 to 200 Mbps available? Not sure if they serve all areas yet?

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It is available by a lottery system. My brother has it and says it is spotty at times. We have a tremendous amount of trees that would require us to cut down. I am not really wanting to give up our privacy for the internet speeds. That is why Dish Network discontinued service with us. They declared that we could no longer have their service unless we cut down about 20 trees to the south.


Same here. It’s the reason we bought our place, we had moved here from TX where there were few trees and they weren’t taller than 25 ft. We wanted to get back to the woods. A couple of neighbors have Starlink, but they have large properties with significant open view to the sky.


the computer repair shop couldnt load fire control it keeps crashing . the cant fix it i have to buy a new computer to resolve it . what prosseser wont crash

if you aren’t using limit switched then downgrade to version 20.6.

I’m actually still on 20.5 because anything after that had issues. been running on 20.5 for that last 3 years now.


@shaggy If it is a AMD drivers issue you can install a older version of your driver.


The repair shop allready did and it still crashes

try 20.5

My wife and I are under contract on a lot out in the sticks… I think our only option will be CenturyLink or Bluesprings… which I think are pretty similar. Im not looking forward to that part of the move but it will be nice to be on a larger lot with more privacy! We have had Xfinity for the past 5 years. (I had no internet before we got married and she moved in) :rofl: The week we got back from our honeymoon I had to buy a dish washer and internet… move the tv from the great room upstairs to the family room in the basement… and move a bunch of my stuff to the storage room… then to the garage… then to my enclosed trailer… we better have one heck of shed at this new lot so I will have room for my stuff!! :rofl: :wink: