Feature request channel

Is there a place to post feature requests here? Ive read some here and there but doesnt seem to have a good spot to keep track of them all.

Here are the ones ive heard im sure there are more:
From me:

  1. Rotate / Flip
  2. Dry Run
  3. Simple drawing ie, circle & square template to go with the line cut out feature

I would like to add some if it wasn’t already said (or I couldn’t find): These might even exist too I just maybe a dummy

From others:
4. I can adjust torch speed but I can only actually see the speed when the drop for THC is enabled or else its hidden in there can we break that out so its under the torch speed.

  1. ability to move the start point of the object. Sometimes if I put the object on the X-Y center but when loaded into firecontrol it picks a point that’s not really near the edge to be Zero.

  2. Soft limits - @ATXcnc

  3. Run FC without the box - @mpilon

  4. Edit & Validate G-code in the app - @mpilon @James5

  5. Jog to code line (ie Mach3 type G002xY14 to jog to point)- @noboost4you
    8.1. Manual Data Input (similar to #8) @TomWS

  6. Touch screen @felich Feature request channel

  7. I would love to see short cut keys to zero xyz axis and a zero shortcut so I can program my Xbox controller to do these functions. @Nickhartley11

  8. nest multiple programs into a single cutting operation @jbowler13


Those are good. Heres one from me:
-Software limits to prevent crashing the machine (if this exists tell me please)


I always thought that was hard because the table never knows how big it is. Every time you put something on the table that zero it has no idea where you are in reference to the physical table. But even a bolt on stop kit would be cool

I would appreciate to be able to edit g-code in FireControl

It would be appreciated if FireControl was fully functional without a table connection - could prepare a “cut” while at office.

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Hey I like that too sometimes I want to set it up without turning it on. Maybe if you could also export file with Includes your drawing and your settings.

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I’m not sure what you’re preparing. I load my G-Code, zero my axis and cut. Am I supposed to be doing something else?

I think I know what you’re referring to…I’ve got a similar request - I’m using 2 PCs - one for the design work - I may be doing design work at office or somewhere where my table is not. I’ve found when testing my workflow that when I design something, then go to my cut PC fire up Firecontrol and load a program, the program may have an error, and then I’ll need to go back to other PC, fix, try again at table. It’s looking like the 2 PC system I’ve got won’t work very well…what I’d like to be able to do is load the g-code in Firecontrol on my design PC and check it - very similar to the simulation run you can do in Sheetcam.

So being able to do a basic “load and simulate” or maybe just a load to check for basic errors like the computer control one in Fusion, etc in the g-code would be helpful when Firecontrol is in offline mode.

I may need to switch to single PC mode while I get going to figure out the common errors, but I didn’t want to be standing at the table when I was in cad or even cam mode. My intent was to simply load “working” g-code and cut at the table.

Perhaps a “Firecontrol G-Code Checker” could be a separate utility program if it’s not possible in the main app…?

I’m also a :+1: for edit G-Code in Firecontrol…- launch editor (like notepad++), save, auto reload


I would like to have FireControl validate my gcode without going to my plasma table (second computer). On some occasions I had error that made me go back to fusion for modifications.

Okay. I don’t recall the last time I had a GCode error (design ones sure :grin:). But I use Sheetcam for toolpath & GCode generation so I don’t have the “in computer” setting issue that seems to pop up here fairly often. As long as I don’t disregard the yellow triangle warnings Sheetcam raises, the code will run.

What I have to remember is to keep the HT45’s panel switches correct :roll_eyes:

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:slight_smile: Much better check FireControl new features from home this evening rather than to in the garage ! :wink:

The ability to rapid move with G00 X#Y# rather than jogging manually.

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can you explain this one a little bit. Is that the same as like… go-to-zero? or is it more like you want to be able to key in XY values and hit go?

Like in Mach3, I want to be able to type G00 X2Y14 and have the machine go there directly rather than jog in the X direction and then Y direction manually and probably never hitting the exact coordinates.


Do you just want this or do you want full MDI capability? That’s what I would want (if I had a FireControl controller :wink:

what is MDI?

So I thougt about this more… totally doable. In my head this is how it would work. you move the torch to one corner and call that your 00 the soft limiter will then remember that is 00. Then you go about your day and the “Go to Zero” button ill be a layer on top of that. Then the table not only knows where its at in relation to your part but when you start your cut it will warn you “you’re going to hit some limits if you perform this cut”… Now that would be kinda slick

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Manual Data Input, a standard feature with Mach 3 and most other CNC Control SW I’ve seen/used. With it you can enter any valid G-Code command so not only can you type in G0 X13 Y5, you can preface it with a G91 command so the movement is incremental…

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Some of you guys make me feel soooooo stupid.


Ah cool thanks, yes that would be nice