Everlast rear pinned socket connection

do not use the pins for divided or raw voltage on the back of the Everlast…you will most likely run into problems
for RAW voltage go directly to the lugs inside the plasma machine…I have posted pictures of this in the forums.
the CNC connector is only really good for the torch on/off

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cool good to know

I have the pro table and the 62i with machine torch…never had a problem

Hey toolboy. I’m finally going to get around to putting my Crossfire Pro together. I too have a 62i with machine torch. Did you use the CNC connector for the on/off? Pins 1and 2?


Rod… For sure, those are the ones… 1&2 for torch trigger…

If you haven’t yet, make sure you grab RAW voltage from inside the plasma cutter… You won’t be sorry…

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I was planning on using RAW voltage, but wasn’t sure about how to trigger the torch. Thanks!

yup…pins 1 and 2…and i does not matter which wire goes where for that connection

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This is an old thread but I hope somebody can still help. I want to use the cnc torch on my everlast 80 plasma and connected a switch to open and close pin1 and 2. However as soon as I switch the plasma on the pilot arc starts , no matter in which position my switch is. Even when I remove my plug from the back, that arc still stays on. This does not happen with the manual torch, only with the cnc.

I can only imagine somebody made a mistake and connected the wires inside the torch? Anybody else had this problem?

on Everlast machnes you have a “lock on”…“lock off”…“CNC”…switch…
make sure it is on CNC…

this is similar to 2T4T switching…

if you are getting bad or problems reach out…I have a 62i and can help solve issues

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Thanks, tried to contact you directly but could not see a button.

So the machine has no cnc switch

Its just the 2t4t and it makes no difference. I am now 90% sure its a bad wire of the cnc torch. I checked in the hand torch and the top two pins close when the trigger is pushed. On the cnc torch those to pins are on! I think this is the issue. Or what do you think?

I’m pretty sure those wires should be capped off and not used on the machine torch. There is no need for trigger wires in a machine torch.

Yes, that was it. Its working now however i lost the consumables just after one test cut, arc did not start after.

Need to connect the ok to move pins as my machine might have moved with pilot arc. Its not 100% clear of how they work from the manual. Am using and arduino, Can I connect them to the analog inputs and read out the value?

Those pins are not used on a CrossFire system so you won’t find much expertise to help you with this question here.

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I think they are used on any cnc table. The table needs to know when the real arc fired and its ok to move. Ok will try to figure it out with try and error:)

They are not. The THC voltage is used on Langmuir tables and other popular THC controllers, such as THC03T, to detect a usable arc.

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Firecontrol definitely does not use “ok to move” signal.

You said you are using an Arduino. Is this on a Langmuir table or something else?

Its a single axis custom made system I build. I just need to cut a lot of 7 and 3 inch pieces out of big sheets. I have it working but cuts are still horrible and the arc would not start after one cut as the consumable was worn out. So I assume it did try to cut with just the pilot arc and my speed was maybe to fast.

Looking to find some good info about nozzle size, amps and cutting speed for different thicknesses. Also from all what I read pin 9 and 10 seems to be a simple relay dry switch. I will put an ohm meter on an check. If that is the case I just add it to my Arduino code to not move until that switch is closed.

Do you have a pierce delay in your setup? You’ll need that and that can be used to control the start of cut movement.

YOU COULD use those signals to control your system, I’m just telling you that it’s not used on any CNC PC on this forum.

The thing you’d have to find out is the nature of that signal coming out of the Plasma Cutter so you can create an input level shifter/isolator to hook into an Arduino GPIO.

Maybe @mechanic416 or @TinWhisperer has the schematic for your cutter.

I have this working, but now my torch broke :frowning: I started a new thread here

If you could help for this issue too, it would be great.

Some Everlast machines have a 2T4T switch like the 50S, like mine.

I agree with toolboy use CNC pins 1&2 for torch fire but get raw voltage not CNC port divided.