How to repair torch cable

Both of my Everlast PT80 torches stopped working (the handheld and the CNC).
I could not find any electrical issue but with the CNC troch it’s a broken air hose.
This seems to be a low quality air hose as when I started to look at it, it immediately broke at another area, it’s very bridle.

What’s the best way to repair this ? Is there any high quality air hose and where do I get the mini clips it is fixed on the torch?

The air line is 8mm. you should be able to get at place that makes air and hydraulic hoses, they should also have the clamps.


I have had 2 Everlast plasma units…I abused the first one…and now have the 62i and have had it for 2 years…never had a problem with the air hoses…knock on wood…

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Thanks, I hope they will have the metrics.

However how do I best repair this ? The air hole is somewhere off the torch, it could be 2 inches or 2 feet. How do I get the protective sleeve off without cutting it out and duct tape it back ?

Yeah knock on wood that nothing happens. I have the cutter and a big welder (MTS 400).

Everlast service is the worst joke ! I would never buy it again because a machine breaks down , it takes 2 month !! They also have no clue about their own machines. All settings on my welder are completely wrong and everlast has no clue, the service manual is still for an outdated machine.

Replacing the air line is a little tricky. You have to take both ends of the outer cover lose, then remove all the cables from one end, then remove the cover. Putting it back on is also fun. Then hook everything back up.

I have done this a lot on the older torch’s that used the nylon air hoses because they get old and brittle and break up.

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Pull a string or wire in as you pull out the cables. This will give you something to pull everything back into the jacket. This is easiest as a two person job.


Yes you are right. I forgot to add that. :+1:

Do you use Electrical Cable Lubricant on that? It should be ok as the voltage in a torch cable is lower than 240V conduit.

No, a little baby power seems to work best.

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Yeah I was afraid I need to unhook all cables:(

I went to the shop and can’t find any 8mm hose, I didn’t think I had any… I buy the 6mm by the 1000’ rolls.

I found the hose but the crimps and especially the adapter to connect to hose ends are a problem.
Anybody has a source ?

Its a barb fitting on both ends. Remove the old clamp and hose. Install the new clamp on the hose and push hose back on barbed fitting, crimp hose clamp.

Oetiker clamps can be found on ebay and amozon 8.7 or 9.5 mm. You may have to buy 10 if you can’t find the local.

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Its broken somewhere a few inches off, so I want to just cut off the broken part. Seems only McMaster Carr has an expensive fitting like the original with just one barb.

Will try a non metric multi barb kit, I think this will work but its no like the original.

If you bend the hose and it breaks its all bad and needs replaced.

Is it breaking because it has aged and become brittle? If so it seems like you will be constantly chasing breaks if you only replace the section that is broken off?

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I almost never ever used the CNC but had it for about 5 years. Hose seems to be brittle, but I thought its more because bad quality. Or do they age quickly ? I will replace the whole thing though, hose is cheap

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Like I stated before, I have done this a lot on the older torch’s that used the nylon air hoses because they get old and brittle and break up.

The newer torch’s use polyurethane (PUR) hose that will last a lot longer and is more flexible.


If it has become brittle it is likely due to some combination of exposure and aging.
You have had the plasma cutter for 5 years. Who knows how long from when you bought the machine to when the actual hose was produced?

I suppose as you point out it could have been defective material at production.

As @mechanic416 said if it breaks when it bends its bad, just replace the whole thing and save yourself from future headaches. :+1: