everlast 52i feed rate

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new to the forum thing but ive got an everlast 52i machine and have been trying to find some sort of guide to feed rates via amperage and material thickness. if anyone can point me in the right direction. trial and error is getting me there but dont want to waste a ton of material

Most of the settings on this one are pretty close… You could start with these and then tweak as necessary…

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Rule #1: This is not rocket science. You’ve got some data. Understand it, use it, then adjust one thing at a time until you dial in what works for your setup. If you follow a methodical route, it doesn’t take very long.

You follow a random walk through the forest? Who knows? You might end up at the Gingerbread house!
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Much appreciated it’s nice to have some sort of baseline to start from

I run a 62i…I have by no means fully set up my settings for the table and for each thickness of material.
I started with a basic pattern of the bottle opener from FireShare…then I played with the basic charts you have found…I started finding that 11gauge…1/8" steel plate goes nice around 95ipm…42 amps…
I then found 14 gauge is running around 35amps at 120ipm…for my machine.

each persons machine…metal…air quality…consumables will make a difference in the cut…try going from there…

A word of advice…and take it from a total noob at the start and a partial noob now…you have to learn what affects your cuts…so when things go wrong…you know where to start.