Cut charts for everlast plasma

I just got my everlast 82i cnc package plasma yesterday. I was wondering if anyone has a cut chart to get me in the ball park on different thickness and materials? Thanks!

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Yes here is one that was submitted by other users:


Thank you!

What air pressure would you recommend?

Also my plasma only came with 1.2 tips. And I think the smallest it will do is 1.1. What does the different tip size do and have an effect on?

I have the same plasma and use 1.0mm tips for 3/16 aluminum and 1.2 for 3/8 aluminum. Different tips have different amperage ratings. I would recommend buying a lot of extra tips when setting up your machine. I believe 70 psi is what that plasma wants. You have lights on the front panel that will tell you when you have the correct air pressure

1.0mm/50 amp, 1.1mm/60 amp, 1.2mm/70 amp and 1.3mm/80 amp.

You could use these cut charts to help up to 60 amps! These are only starting points.


Yeah it does have a light but it seems you can change the pressure a lot before it actually changes the light. I didn’t know if more or less pressure was better.

I’ll definitely order up some tips. You getting them directly from everlast or from elsewhere?

I buy them on ebay in bulk, It is cheaper than buying from everlast. Search for IPT-80 consumables and you will find everything you need.

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I also have the 82i. Does anyone have suggestions at what to cut 14ga steel at? I have tried a ton of tests and I cannot seem to get similar quality cuts i have made with different thickness material.

Thanks for posting this. Sheet is actually entitled “Everlast PowerPlasma 82i cut chart” (unless someone changed it), which is my plasma anyway. However, I’m using a GoFab table - is this chart still applicable?

thought I’d share some Everlast cut numbers.
Everlast 62i Plasma Cutter
10g Steel 45amps / 68psi while cutting / 75IPM and cuts amazing / 1.0mm Amazon Tips
Will continue to add other metal thicknesses when I start cutting thicker/thinner stuff but this works amazing for 10g and even these Amazon tips last a long time at this setting


welcome to the forum…
the charts are all just “guidelines”…meaning they are close to what you need…

any table works…but what makes it work really well is fine tuning your own settings by test cutting…a lot…

take some scrap…cut something with a pttern like the bottle opener … cut with the settings above…then adjust one setting like amps by 3 amps up…and cut again…then do another cut adding another 3 amps…repeat this going up and down…look at the result of the changes and write it down on the test cut…
then do the same with air if you can…some plasma do not have that ability…

the things that affect your setting are your air quality…dry dry dry air…


Sry to thread necromance here, but I have a general questions about my 62i

I have 1.1 mm tips, does that mean I HAVE to run the plasma at 60a? Or does my material thickness drive cutting amps and feedrate more than nozzle diameter?

I’m trying to cut 1/8" material (stainless). Is it more important to run 45amps, or do I run 60amps and increase my feed rate / reduce my pierce delay?

11 ga Stainless cuts very similar to steel. Just move a little slower than you would for steel. If you are going too fast the slag will weld itself back together on the back.
45 amps is plenty. I use F5 gas for my ss cutting so I don’t know a correct ipm for you.
I would start at about 65 ipm.
The 1.1 tip is good for up to 60 amps. It will work at lower amps but the kerf will be larger than a . 09 tip

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Okay dumb question, how do you go about using gas to cut with versus air?

I use F5 bend of nitrogrn and hydrogen for cutting stainless steel. I have 3 large bottles of it plumbed into plasma cutter via hydrogen regulators.
F5 gas cuts very similar to nitrogen or air. It leaves the edges of the stainless smooth and clean. It requires less amps and faster speed due to the hydrogen molecules. So I’m told. It works well. I cut out a lot of marine dash board panels and such.


Very interesting, thxs for information. I plan on cutting SS for firerings. I get at scrap prices so well worth it.

just out of curiosity how long can you cut on a set of full tanks?

Several hours of normal cutting. I do cut a lot of SS but, I really don’t have the answer you want. I have gone through 3 bottles in several months of cutting.
I only use it for SS. I will use 100% nitrogen on aluminum sometimes also.

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Do you find it improves the edge quality?